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Organization : Department of Revenue & Customs
Facility : TPN Search
Country : Bhutan
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TPN Search :

1. In order to track your new TPN, Click on TPN Search
2. Enter your CID no. and Date of Birth and click on Submit. Your TPN and Name will display.

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3. To login to RAMIS, click on login RAMIS.
4. Login User ID and Password is the new TPN. However, you need to change the password immediately.

5. In the initial login, you will be prompted to change your password.
6. After the changing the password, you need to re-login using the TPN as your user ID. The following page will be displayed.

7. Click on ‘My Profile’ to update all your details. Against each of the details, there is an option to ‘edit’. Click on edit and provide all information. In the general details, it is mandatory to provide either of email address or mobile no.

8. For claiming educations expenses, child detail is mandatory. Bank details of the taxpayer are also mandatory.
9. Update all the details; check (tick) the disclaimer note and click on ‘save’.

10. A message will be generated after successfully submitting the document. An application reference no. (ARN) will also be generated. The same message will also be sent o your email address.

11. You can track your any of your application with your ARN no.
12. Once your application is approved, you can file your tax return by clicking on ‘Return & Assessment’— Return Filing—File Return

Sales Tax Return Filing Process :
1. After login to RAMIS using your Sales Tax TPN and passwords, click on Return & Assessment Menu and then Return Filing, whereby a corresponding table shall be displayed.

In the table, please click on File Return for the month you are filing the return for.
2. In the Return Filing page, click on Upload Sales Invoice Details as highlighted below.

3. In the Sales Invoice upload page, there is option to download the Sales Invoice template (MS Excel).To download the file, please click on Sales Invoice Excel as highlighted below; The Excel Sales Invoice Details look like in the picture below;

4. Please fill-up the excel sheet very carefully as per the format given. For ST_COMMODITY/SERVICE Code please refer back the process no.2 (see the service/commodity code in Return Filing page) under the column service/goods description and code (2nd column). Please complete excel sheet and save it.

5. Now, upload the Sales Invoice Template. To upload, click on Choose File and select the template saved in your computer. After that, click on Upload. After uploading your invoice, all the details will be displayed in the screen (summary).

6. If all the data (records) are fine, then, click on Save All button to save the records as shown above.
7. Now, you will be taken back to the return filing page with the details of what you have entered in the invoice template as shown below.

8. Please expand the Exemption tab for any exemptions to be adjusted. Select the Exemption Number (if any) to be adjusted against this return from the Exemption Number list.

9. Similarly for export, click the Export Tab and select the Export Number (This feature is available after the Customs Module is implemented).
10. After that, click Calculate Tax to see the tax liability/refund and any other adjustments.

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