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Organization : Department of Revenue & Customs
Facility : Taxpayer Registration
Country : Bhutan
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Taxpayer Registration :

Instructions for registration of taxpayer :
If you are a first time taxpayer – you must register in one of the eight regional offices for your taxpayer number (TPN).

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This can be done through walk-ins to the regional office where you intend to pay your tax and through online application.

E-Registration For individuals who do not have TPN. Follow the instructions given below :
** Click on the link Register Taxpayer in the home page.
** Select any one of the categories as per your requirement from the questionnaire page.
** Enter the security code as shown in the image and continue to registration.

** Provide relevant personal and address details in the forms. Fields marked with asterisks (*) are mandatory.
** Select the appropriate Regional Revenue and Customs Office (RRCO) where you intend to file your returns.

** Upload the required document(s) in the annexure page. You can also provide the document number and submit the document(s) manually to the RRCO concerned.

** You can review your information by clicking in the review button.
** Check the declaration check box and submit your application.

** An application reference number (ARN) will be generated which is used for tracking your application status. The same is also sent in your email inbox if you have provided email id.

** You will receive your TPN along with user id and password after your application is approved by DRC in your inbox.

** TPN is used to log into Revenue Administration Management Information System (RAMIS) and is required for all your transactions and correspondences with DRC.
** Detailed user manual can be downloaded from the download section

To Register a Taxpayer :
** The taxpayer can search whether a TPN has been registered or not from the menu TPN Search
** Details of the taxpayer : CID No and Date of Birth need to be entered once the taxpayer gets directed to the following screen.

** Next the taxpayer can enter their CID No and Date of Birth to check if their TPN is already registered. If the details match, on submission; the details pertaining to that taxpayer gets displayed

** If the TPN matches, he/she need not register again. Otherwise, the taxpayer needs to register from the welcome page as demonstrated

** Register Tax Payer menu needs to be used to register oneself. Then registration pertaining to PIT/BIT/CIT taxpayer needs to be chosen. For example an Individual is selected to register for PIT or Personal Income Tax

** On clicking ‘Continue to Registration’, General Details tab page comes up. It is a mandatory tab page and the details need to be filled up. If Nationality other than Bhutan is selected, Identity Type needs to be selected from drop-down list comprising of Work Permit, Passport or Other

** Save & Next redirects the taxpayer to next mandatory tab page: Personal Details.
** Address Details tab page is also a mandatory one.
** Family Details is a non-mandatory tab page but it needs to be filled up when the taxpayer is married.

** Bank Details is also non-mandatory but it is suggested that the taxpayer enter his/her bank details.
** Annexure Details is also a mandatory tab page wherein those applicable can be manually or electronically uploaded.

** Next Review My Application needs to be clicked.
** All the details entered, get displayed in accordion form as demonstrated

** Then the taxpayer needs to select the checkbox below and click on Submit My Application that gets enabled.

He/she can click on Back to Application if any modification is required. Clicking on Print Preview helps the taxpayer to get a preview of the registration form which he/she may print and keep.

** Taxpayer receives an Application Reference No. as an Acknowledgement for his application.
** He/she may as well track the status of the application from the track status hyperlink.

** Post approval, the taxpayer receives a confirmation e-mail with TPN (Taxpayer No) and Password as shown

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