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Organisation : Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board (TSLB)
Scholarship Name : Tertiary Education Loans Scheme (TELS) 2017
Applicable for : Citizens of Fiji
Country : Fiji
Notification :
Home Page :

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TSLB Tertiary Education Loans Scheme

The Scheme provides student loans to eligible citizens of Fiji to enable them access to higher education at affordable rates, in line with the Fijian Government’s vision of “Building a Smarter Fiji”.

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Categories of Tertiary Education Loans Scheme :
** Tertiary Education Loans Scheme for New Students
** Tertiary Education Loans Scheme for Existing Tertiary Students
** Tertiary Education Loans Scheme for Technical College of Fiji
** Tertiary Education Loans Scheme for Employees in Service
** Tertiary Education Loans Scheme for Pilot Training
** Tertiary Education Loans Scheme for Accommodation Support.


1. Applicants must be Fijian Citizens.
2. Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria for the category of TELS applied for.
3. Applicants must fill a TELS application form and list three choices in the order of priority from the most preferred to the least preferred choice.

Application Requirements

** A completed application form (TSLB 02 available on )
** An official academic transcript for Year 12 and 13 or equivalent Foundation Studies including GPA. (To be submitted as soon as the results are out).
** Offer letter from the Higher Education Institute. (To be submitted before an offer is made from TSLB).
** Certified true copy of the Birth Certificate
** Copy of Students TIN Letter/FRCA-FNPF Joint Card
** Evidence on Parents’/Guardians’ Income (Salary Slip or Statutory Declaration)
** Copy of Parents’/Guardians’ TIN Letter/FRCA-FNPF Joint Card
** 2 recent Passport Size Photos

How to Apply

1. Visit and register for TSLB online services. Register on the Student Login portal.
2. Students applying for NTS must fill form TSLB 01 and those applying for TELS must fill form TSLB 02.

2. Fill the required fields and submit the completed application. Students will not be able to submit the form unless all mandatory fields are filled. Year 13 results and offer letter from the institutions need to be uploaded before 31st December 2016.
3. Students must scan and upload all the required documents.

Students applying online will be able to log in and check the application status at any time and also print and submit the TSLB Offer Letter, Bond Forms and award confirmation letters online.

By Post
Alternatively, completed printed applications may be mailed to:
Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board
Private Mail Bag
Govt Buildings

Students must obtain an official TSLB receipt as evidence of hand delivery. Submitting a completed application package does not guarantee approval.

Opening Date: 19th November 2016
Closing Date: 31st December, 2016

Assessment & Notification Of Awards :
** TSLB shall be responsible for assessment of applications against the set criteria.
** TSLB may seek any further information to substantiate claims made by the applicant.

** All applicants are responsible for gaining acceptance into institutions. Fee structures from the institution must accompany each application form.
** TELS will only be awarded to institutions approved by the Fijian Government, and programs accredited by a professional educational body.

** All TELS application will go through an extensive review and TSLB’s scholarship decision shall be final and cannot be appealed.
** Official indication of being granted an award is the receipt of the Confirmation of the award letter from the Chairperson/Chief Executive Officers or any authorised officer of TSLB.

TELS Acceptance Deadline :
** All TELS award offered must be accepted within 14 days after the date posted on the award notification (email or letter).

** All awards not accepted by this deadline will be cancelled.
** To accept the awards students must sign and return the offer letter to TSLB together with the bond forms.

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  1. I left school in 2014 with a pass in Year 13 and now I plan to go back to University, I just want to clarify if it is ok for me to apply for loan or is there a certain age.

  2. What is the closing date of NTS 2017?

    1. Information available from the Official Website :
      Applications for National Toppers Scheme (NTS) Scholarships and Tertiary Education Loans Scheme (TELS) 2018 are now open. Applications will now close on 15th November, 2017.

  3. Let me know if your office will be available on every Saturday.

  4. I am a year 13 students of Queen Victoria School wishing to apply for TELS. Can I apply manually?

    1. Yes, you can apply manually. You have to fill the online application form, take a printout of the form and mail to the below mentioned address.
      Completed printed applications may be mailed to:
      Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board
      Private Mail Bag
      Govt Buildings
      Students must obtain an official TSLB receipt as evidence of hand delivery. Submitting a completed application package does not guarantee approval.

      Information as provided in the official website of Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board (TSLB)

  5. Can you send me the application form? Can I apply for loan scheme since I am working?

    1. You can visit this website to get the application form and fill it online.

  6. Can you please let me know when will the loan amount will be credited?

  7. Any results on pilot training students for 2017?

  8. I am doing my MBA. Can I apply for tels?

  9. Samuela Robanakadavu

    My marks for the FSLC(2016) was 145. I have an interest in taking graphics and signage in FNU. Am I able to apply for a scheme loan?

    1. Yes. You should be given a chance because if its your hard work then you should try out for FNU.

  10. I am a year 12 student and passed with 253/400 excluding maths mark. Kindly request for the tertiary – Hospitality & tourism Management loan scheme form for applying program. Your earliest response will be highly appreciated.

  11. I need to know whether we have to get an offer letter from FNU and USP institute.

  12. I failed my year 13 external examination and these are the obtained marks:
    English-52,Biology-39,Chemistry-32,Mathematics-30 and Home Economics-61 adding up to 188 out of 400. I did full foundation of Biology and Chemistry and only 1 unit foundation in English at USP. I have a GPA of 3.9 and I have applied for national toppers. My doubt is that whether I will be successful in applying for loan. I just need to be clarified on that.

  13. Can you send me a copy of tertiary loan scheme form? I have completed my year 13 this year and I wanna attend FNU.

    1. I failed my year 12 exams which is FSLC. My mark is actually 197 and I request if I could be given a chance to go back to school through using the student loan scheme policy which is TELS Scholarship.

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