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Organization : Ministry of Education
Type of Facility : Exam Results Online
Country: Fiji
Website :

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Fiji Exam Results Online

The information entered on this page should be exactly the same as that entered in the exam slip when sitting for the exam.

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Update : 2020 Exam results are still pending. Please check later.

How To Check the Result

Go to the official website,click on the “Online Result” tab in main menu, enter the following details get your marks.

Exam Results Required Details

1. Select School year [2018]
2. Enter Your Student ID [256987]
3. Enter Your First Name * [Jhon]
4. Enter Your Surname * [paul]
5. Enter Your Other Name [J]
6. Enter Your Parent Name * [Dorkewala]
7. Enter Your DOB(dd/mm/yyyy) *
8. Click on “Get Result” button, get your result displayed on the screen.

Download and take a print for future reference.

Exam Results FAQs

1. What are the procedures to follow in applying for school improvement grants?
Grants forms can be collected from the districts and schools needs to fill and leave with the districts the completed forms

2. Does the management have the power to transfer a teacher or make a teacher stay if the ministry decides to transfer a school staff?
No. The management may liaise with schools heads on issues pertaining to teachers.

3. Does the management have the power to send a student home base on non-payment of fees or due to disciplinary cases?
No. Schools will need to consult parents and device mechanism to pay school levies. For disciplinary cases, schools will have to follow their Behaviour Management Policy aligned to the MoE BMP.

4. Does the school management have the power to close a school due to non-compliance by the school heads or the teachers?
No. School management does not have the power to do so. They may take their grievances to the education districts or to the Primary and Secondary Section at the Quality House or to PSE.

5. Where and how does the school management take their complaint regarding a teacher to?
Complaints needs to be registered with the schools heads first.
6. Does the school management have the power to control school finances?
Yes but it must be done in a transparent manner and in consultation with the school heads

7. If we want to set up a kindergarten, primary or secondary what should we do and whom do we see?
EA2 forms needs to be filled for school establishment. Once this is done, then the EA3 form needs to be filled for a school to be formally registered. Both this form can be obtained from their respective education districts.

8. Is there any assistance regarding the renewal of lease?
Yes. For all lease renewal, the school needs to submit to their lease contract offer from TLTB together with their request through their respective education districts

9. Where do we take our complaint to regarding a teacher’s behaviour?
All complaints can be channelled to the school heads or to the district education office or to any education officers
10. How do I know that my child is eligible to bus fare assistance?
A student is eligible if both the students’ parents earn less than $15,000 in a year.

About Ministry of Education :
Ministry of Education National Heritage Culture and Arts website designed to make educational information easy to find and accessible to all of our online visitors. Quality is at the heart of the Ministry’s vision and this information platform provides YOU the unique opportunity to update yourself on important educational information and development taking place which is fundamental to the educational well-being of all Fijian children, and young people of this beloved nation.

Contact :
For further enquries call the Government Call Center at 132777 between 0800 and 2400 hrs daily.

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  1. jone vuavua nariro

    need my fslc result for the year 2016 my index no#915248

  2. I sat for my FSLC way back 1999.I cannot access my results as i do not remember my index #.Please advice on how to proceed with my request

    Aliti Tinaimakosoi Uluivuda

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    MY INDEX NO: 860382


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  6. When will FJC results would be out 2019?

  7. I wish to access my FJC result 2018 online, Please help me.

  8. I tried your online website exam results year 10 2018 and it is not going through and I have tried calling the number it says the number is temporary unavailable.

    1. When will FJC results would be out 2019?

  9. Why cant I view Fiji intermediate results online? Please help me out.

    1. Christine Joanne Malumuvatu

      can you please send me my 2018 FSYE result..

  10. Please, can you send me my FSLC result? My index number is 1078098.

  11. Please, can I have my result of Femis?

  12. What the hell is wrong with the website? I filled out every details correctly but it says that its not matched to the MOE. My Index number is 757728.

  13. I want to know the my result of year 12.

  14. My index is 1039265. Can I receive my marks through my email for year 13?

  15. Name: Ruci Niuravi
    Index Number : 806722
    F/N: Ratu Apimeleki Kava Marcel
    DOB: 26/10/03

    Can you please send me my FJC result?

    1. Christine Joanne Malumuvatu

      hii can you send me my 2018 FYSE result
      my index number is-730020

  16. I want to know, how I can get my FJC result?

  17. Adi Vasiti Vunilagi

    Index Number : 1065572
    School: Nasikawa Vision College

    Can you send me my year 11 exam result?

  18. My index number of year 6 is 924493. Please show my result.

  19. Tell me, can I get the exam result of 2018 for class 6th?

  20. Exam results for 2018 Fiji intermediate exam.

  21. I want my year 10 exam result of 2016. My index number is 1019928.

  22. I want to know my exam results for 2018.

  23. It has been a while since I sat for my paper in 2017, how do get hand of the marks online again.

  24. I cannot seem to get my 2015 FSLC results online. Please could you update your server (or) do something with your website.

  25. I cant access our results online. Can you upgrade your system to a more efficient & reliable one/

  26. Can I have the year 6 exam results for my daughter? Her Index number is 996433. I am trying to check online and its not able to give any results. Please can you give me her exam results.

    1. Go to the link “” to get your results.

      Following details are required to find the result.
      ** School Year
      ** Student ID
      ** First Name
      ** Surname
      ** Other Name
      ** Parent Name
      ** Date of Birth

  27. How can I get my year 13 exam result online? I have tried the education website and all it gives me is [2017 exams still pending]. I really need a hand ASAP please.

  28. If you can’t access it online then you have to got to the ministry’s office or simply by asking your school to provide the info to you.

  29. My daughter can not view her results (Year 8) at least result should be out by now. I cant even view any results because my daughter does not remember her marks and I need to fill a form for her student profile for year 9.

  30. Aritema Kinikinivanua

    I cannot access my results. Can you please send me the marks of each subject My index no is 1088492.

  31. Matanisiga Uluidreketi

    My index no is 1006513. Kindly provide me with my individual marks. I cannot access it online as it says that info I have provided does not match info with the Ministry.

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  33. Benedito Tikomainiusiladi

    The data always says that the information I gave does not matched even though everything was accurate.. My index no is 916937. I want to know my year 12 exam result 2016.

    1. Mereadani Tinaitamana

      I entered my name and everything correctly but it says it does not meet the information in the femis. My no is 1092505.

  34. I’ve been trying to see my year 12 results but I cant. I’ve provided all the information but still it keeps on saying that it doesn’t matched with the one the MOE HAS. Please help me.

  35. I am unable to access my FSLC marks. I have entered the correct information on CA website and it says it does not matched with the femis data. What should I do?
    Index #:941414

  36. Why does the M.O.E site keep telling me as I am a security threat after as I’ve filled the correct Information?

  37. I am unable to access my FSLC 2016 results. I have entered the correct info on the website used but it still says that it does not matched with the femis data. What should I do?

  38. How can I get access to my result? The school says they haven’t receive my year 12 result.

  39. Please note that you need to access on exam Once it’s open then you will need to fill the required information into the template provided i.e. school year (whether it’s year 12 or 13), then insert your index number, then type your name, then type your parents name(this is either your father’s or mother’s name) and then your date of birth(example:02/09/1999). At last submit your information.

  40. Please be advised that you will be able to view your result @9am today as stated in today’s Fiji Sun.

  41. I don’t get it. They mentioned on the news that we could access our FSLC marks today in the afternoon and that was 3 hours ago. How come I still can’t access mine?

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    Index no: 1074135

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  46. I cant view my daughters year 10 result online. I have filled all required information on website but still failed,saying that information given is not matched with the one the MOE have. Can someone help me please?

  47. I am filling the FEMIS form but yet the FEMIS replied that it does not match!
    I am checking the year 10 result!

  48. Can I get my year 10 result?
    Index # :840488
    Ateca Lewaturaga Turaganivalu
    Vasenai Tinaikubunabola

  49. My index number is 743492.
    How can I take out the result?

  50. How do I get my year 12 Exam Result?
    Index Number : 745212

  51. I just want to ask that I was already log in with my id.number and etc. But I can’t check my result.

  52. Nazrana Ziyana Yasmin Nisha

    How can I get my result of year 6?
    Index : 994319
    F/n : Mohammed Shan
    DOB : 14/04/2005

  53. Can you send my FSLC result?
    Index no- 08114180U
    Vaciseva Vukici Molaucake
    f/n Eroni Molaucake,

  54. Can I get my fslc mark of year 2008 online? Since I forgot my index #. How will I be able to get it?

  55. How many schools had 100%in the first school leaving certificate result in Cameroon 2016?

  56. It’s been a long time since I sat for my FSLC and FSFE and I’ve forgotten index number. How can I get results without it?

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