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Organization : Department of Information Communications Technology
Type of Facility : Government Laptop Scheme For Students
Country: Seychelles

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ICT Government Laptop Scheme For Students

The Government has a scheme to assist designated student groups in financing the purchase a laptop com-puter to support them in their studies.

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This scheme provides a three thousand rupees (SR 3,000.00) contribution towards the purchase price of a lap-top of the students’ choice. The scheme excludes the purchase smart phones and desktop computers.

To be eligible, the student must be enrolled in a full-time course or studies in one of the institutions regis-tered with the Ministry of Education or on a specifically designated study programme or institution. A student can benefit under this scheme ONLY ONCE and must purchase the laptop from a local supplier participating in the scheme. (Refer to the DICT Website for the list of participating suppliers).

Procedure to benefit:
1. Fill the application form and get it certified by the Institution (official stamp required)
2. Present the completed and certified application form to tone of the participating suppliers and make payment for the laptop (minus SR 3000.00). In the case of a laptop being pur-chased through installments, the scheme will apply only for the last balance installment pay-ment equivalent to SR3,000.

3. Obtain a receipt for the payment made and an invoice for the SR 3,000.00 balance of the lap-top cost.. In the case of a laptop device being paid for by installments, the student has to ob-tain a copy of the installment payment contract and a letter from the supplier indicating that all installments have been paid and that only a final payment of SR 3,000 is outstanding for the stu-dent to have ownership of the laptop.

4. Submit the payment receipt, invoice and com-pleted form to DICT. In the case of installment payments a copy of the purchase contract, the let-ter from the supplier and the completed form has to be submitted.

5. Once approved, DICT will contact the student and will issue a cheque for SR 3,000.00 in favor of the supplier or provide a receipt / advisory note of the bank transfer to the supplier (within a week).

6. Student goes to collect the laptop from the supplier with the cheque/receipt of bank transfer and the receipt of the payment already made.

Once the student has been issued with a cheque in favour of an authorized supplier, the student will not be able to change the supplier. The initial payment made to the par-ticipating supplier for the laptop is also NON-REFUNDABLE.

Registered Institutions & Programmes:
1. Maritime Training Centre
2. Seychelles Institute of Technology
3. National Institute of Health & Social Studies
4. School of Business Studies & Accounting
5. Seychelles Agriculture & Horticulture Training Centre
6. School of Advance Level Studies
7. School of Visual Arts
8. Seychelles Tourism Academy
9. Seychelles Police Academy
10. Seychelles Young Leaders Programme (SLYP)
11. India-Seychelles Center for Excellence in ICT (affiliated to UNISEY)
12. Seychelles Institute of Teacher Education (SITE)
13. Independent School (A-Level Students)
14. International School (A-Level Students)
15. Ecole Francaise (Baccalaureat Students)
16. Secondary Schools (S5 Students)

For more details please contact 4286600 Or Email Laptopscheme AT

For more information about the scheme please contact us at DICT:
Office of the President
Department of Information Communications Technology
P.O. Box 737, 3rd Floor, Caravelle House, Manglier Street, Republic of Seychelles
Tel: (248) 4286600, Telefax (248) 4322720,
Email: psoffice AT

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