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Organization : Ministry of Education
Type of Facility : New Graduates Teacher Application System
Country: Fiji

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Website :

New Graduates Teacher Application System

This Portal allows new Graduates to apply for teaching Positions within Ministry of Education.

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Before Proceeding with the application, please ensure you have all the necessary information ready.

4 easy steps to successfully submit your application –
1. Personal Information:
This includes Date of Birth, Mailing Address, Phone Contacts and Email address etc

2. Qualifications and References:
This includes Area of Appointment, GPA, Majors etc

3. Upload Documents:
You can give us your copy of your Certificates and Transcripts

4. Acknowledgement Letter:
Please Print or Save a this letter.

Apply Online :

How is one appointed to act in a position?:
For post below principal in secondary schools, it is the principal that recommends to districts. The districts will then vet the recommendation and appoint the most meritorious officer in the school. For primary schools it is done by the districts.

Who is responsible in updating teachers acting allowance?:
Once the appointment letter is sent, the education district PEO’s will confirm the assumption date on the FESA from which the Human Relation Section will work on.

Who is eligible for transfer allowance and what are the documents needed?:
A teacher is eligible if he/she has served a tour in the previous school he/she had been teaching in and that the transfer will result in a change of residence for the teacher affected

How soon do the teachers get their acting allowance after acting?:
The timeline depends on the approval at the various level of administration. Once the approvals are given, the HR Sections and Salaries will then process the teacher’s allowance.

How do the teachers know that they are eligible for acting allowance for a position they are acting in?:
If the position is established, then teachers are eligible. If the position is not an establish one, then there is no allowance provided for that position.

How often do the teachers get registered for FTRB and how much do they have to pay:
All teachers have to be registered before they are allowed to teach in a school. For new teachers, they have to pay the provisional registration fee of $40 for the first year and $60 for the next two years. For the rest of the teachers, they have to pay $90 for the renewal of their registration for the next three years

Is signing in another school for promotion purposes and returning to your previous school allowed?:
No. It is the Permanent Secretary for Education prerogative to do otherwise

Are the teachers still qualified for long service leave entitlement?:
Teachers who signed their contract from 2010 do not qualify under the new General Order. Those that qualify are the teachers who have yet to sign a contract.

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  1. If I have a BCOM Degree in Mathematics, can I teach Maths in Secondary School?

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