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Organization : Ministry of Education
Type of Facility : Fiji Education Management Information System
Country: Fiji
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FEMIS Fiji Education Management Information System

FEMIS is an initiative of the Fijian Ministry of Education. FEMIS is the Fijian Education Management Information System.

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FEMIS uses a simplified architecture to enhance scalability, reliability and allow technology sharing with other Pacific Island Countries.

For this reason FEMIS does not require a mobile app. FEMIS works on a standard phone broweser without requiring iPhone and Android apps. Also, FEMIS will not have a dedicated mobile version. FEMIS will provide dedicated small web pages if heavy phone or tablet use of a specific page is needed.

This is the LIVE system. Please enter the real and accurate data into this system. Please keep in mind the list of registered students is based on LANA data so not all classes exist for all schools and not all students are known. You will have to create missing classes and add missing students as required.

Note :
1. This is the LIVE system. Please enter the real and accurate data into this system. You will have to create missing classes and add missing students as required.
2. Please see the updates page under the Help menu once you have logged on to see recent updates.

Training System

** This is the TRAINING system. Please enter ANY DATA YOU WANT into this system. Please keep in mind that this data is cleaned approximately once per month so DO NOT SAVE ANY REAL INFORMATION IN THIS VERSION or it is lost during cleaning. Use this training version to refresh your knowledge or practice something before entering real changes in the live system.

** Please see the updates page under the Help menu once you have logged on to see recent updates.

The Team :
IT Unit Management: Metuisela Gauna
Systems Analyst: Arunesh Permal
User Training and Support: Kitiana L. Raturoba
Additional Programming: Tevita O. Logavatu
Solution Architect: Colin Connelly

Any enquries,please contact the IT Unit at Quality House, Phone 3220427, 3220428 or email femis.helpdesk AT


1. What are the procedures to follow in applying for school improvement grants?
Grants forms can be collected from the districts and schools needs to fill and leave with the districts the completed forms

2. Does the management have the power to transfer a teacher or make a teacher stay if the ministry decides to transfer a school staff?
No. The management may liaise with schools heads on issues pertaining to teachers.

3. Does the management have the power to send a student home base on non-payment of fees or due to disciplinary cases?
No. Schools will need to consult parents and device mechanism to pay school levies. For disciplinary cases, schools will have to follow their Behaviour Management Policy aligned to the MoE BMP.

4. Does the school management have the power to close a school due to non-compliance by the school heads or the teachers?
No. School management does not have the power to do so. They may take their grievances to the education districts or to the Primary and Secondary Section at the Quality House or to PSE.

5. Where and how does the school management take their complaint regarding a teacher to?
Complaints needs to be registered with the schools heads first.
6. Does the school management have the power to control school finances?
Yes but it must be done in a transparent manner and in consultation with the school heads

7. If we want to set up a kindergarten, primary or secondary what should we do and whom do we see?
EA2 forms needs to be filled for school establishment. Once this is done, then the EA3 form needs to be filled for a school to be formally registered. Both this form can be obtained from their respective education districts.

8. Is there any assistance regarding the renewal of lease?
Yes. For all lease renewal, the school needs to submit to their lease contract offer from TLTB together with their request through their respective education districts

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  1. what to in order to register a completion letter?
    please advice.

  2. I am currently an Admin Officer for a rural primary school. There were some new students enrolled to our school with the clearance letter from their school but when I have entered them into the class list in the Femis system, the pupil were still registered into their old school. And also some class one students were enrolled into our school but we could not find their Student ID Number or their B/C Registration number. Please do look into this.

  3. What is the difference between index number and student ID? Please clarify.

    1. All complaints can be channelled to the school heads or to the district education office or to any education officers

  4. I am trying to get my fjc results. I already typed my id and other required information but it doesn’t match. Please help me.

  5. We are currently teaching at Amazing Grace Kindergarten and attending a Femis workshop today. we would like to inform you, still we are not updated to our current school despite our report on Wednesday concerning this issue and there is still no amendments done to this date. Please help me.

  6. I did a double entry on my students registration in Nadi Muslim kindergarten. Student name is Thamarah Effat register number is 1155733. Date of birth is 20/10/11.

  7. Can I have Sevuloni N Radrodro year 13 external examination results? He sat for the exam at Dudley High school.

  8. Shahil from Fij Island

    I am trying to go online and check year 6 exam report but keep saying the data does not matched. It means no one can check result online.

  9. How do I get my education papers from 1974-1980?

  10. I would like to remove a student from my school as he has been cleared today [22/09/16].

  11. I live in India. How could I get a job in fiji even I have done M.A B.ed my master degree in Hindi. I am looking for a job in fiji.

  12. How can I find past years papers for year 7 and 8?

  13. How can we log in to the kindergarten femis?

  14. Year 8 student: Joana Tokalaulala Rokocoko D.O.B. 31/05/03 f/n Kiniviliame Jese
    Student I.D 1021425 is not registered in our year 8 list. When we enter her student I.D it gets registered for another student, Riyona Melini student I.D 1021437 who has left the country. I have already removed Riyona Melini from the list. Please could you help to enter Joana in Year 8 list?

  15. I’m the acting head teacher of 1425 Matuatabu Primary School and having difficulties in trying to log in because I don’t know the schools password.

    1. In form district office they should create another password?

  16. How can I check for detailed examiners report?

    1. I want to know the result of my son in 12th year exam.

  17. Can I access FJC test papers from 2007 – 2010 online? If yes, How?

  18. Some of my student have transferred to another primary school and kindergarten and I have been trying to remove the student from my class and it is difficult to change To and From school. Details on how to remove and move student from our school to another school, class to another class. How to create new teacher with the new class?
    Nasavusavu special School.

  19. Could my schools staff details be updated? (1757Nabaka Primary School)
    I am the appointed Head Teacher, hemant Kumar- TPF: 65013 and we cannot log in as teacher. Could you please ease our problems?

    1. If you know your password then;
      1. Enter your TPF in box without the letters TPF, just the number:
      2. Then enter the password (MAKE SURE CAPS LOCK IS OFF)
      3. Then click next button to proceed

  20. Do we students have a femis account to?

    1. Students from 2014 is now carried over to 2015. Heads of schools are requested to check their enrollment for 2015 and update the streams accordingly.

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