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Organization : National Employment Centre
Type of Facility : NEC Registration
Country: Fiji
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NEC Registration

Registration is non discriminatory irrespective of ethnicity and gender. Registration is done face to face.

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Required Documents

(i)1 current passport size photo;
(ii) original & photocopy of birth certificate;
(iii) original & photocopy of primary and secondary school examination certificates where applicable;
(iv) original & photocopy of tertiary certificates and transcripts where applicable;
(v) bank account details & TIN number; and
(vi) passport, drivers license & FNPF card, if available;

Registration is conducted at the Ministry of Labour divisional offices around Fiji, Suva, Sigatoka, Nadi, Lautoka, Ba, Labasa and Savusavu.

*Form should be filled and submitted with all the items above during registration.


Q1. Who is required to register?:
A1. All unemployed persons 15 years of age and over.

Q2. What must you bring for registration?:
** 1 recent passport size photo
** original birth certificate and a copy
** original educational certificates and/or transcripts and a copies
** visit your nearest registration centre
** parents and/or guardians are not allowed to register their children/charge

Q3. Do I have to pay a fee?:
A3. There is no up front fee. However –
(a) clients registered under the Formal Employment & Self-Employment Services are required to repay only 50% of the total cost of assistance provided to them by NEC-this is an interest free arrangement. Repayment of assistance must commence immediately after they have started to earn an income by way of a wage or salary;
(b) clients registered under the Self-Employment Service are required to repay the full amount of the seed funding-this assistance is interest free. Repayment of assistance must commence immediately after they have started their small business;
(c) clients registered under the Fiji Volunteer Service are not required to repay any cost provided by NEC; and
(d) clients registered under the Foreign Employment Service are are required to repay the full amount of the total cost of assistance provided to them by the NEC-this assistance is interest free. Repayment of assistance must commence immediately after a client starts to earn an income by way of a wage or salary.

Q4. What is the minimum education level required?:
A4. None

Q5. What happens after I register?:
A5. You will be informed about your counselling session, aptitude assessment date, life skills training and employment skills training along with your workplace attachment and entitlements through the respective employment agency.

Q6. Would I be guaranteed a job after attending all phases of training?:
A6. It depends on your choice of employment, meaning formal employment, self-employment (start a business), foreign employment or volunteer. Apart from formal employment, there is an abundance of employment opportunities in Fiji.

Q7. What is required to enrol into Formal Employment Service?:
A7. You must complete the counselling, apititude assessment & life skills training and that of the employer go through the normal interview process with the potential employer to qualify.

Q8. What is required to qualify for overseas employment?:
A8. You must complete the counselling, apititude assessment, life skills training and pre-departure training as well as have the necessary skills and qualification required by the potential emloyer. If you have no formal work experience, than you should completed a 6 months local work attachment first.

Q9. What is required to qualify for self-employment (start a business)?:
A9. You must have the drive, the passion and the discipline to start a business and make it successful.

Q10. What is required to qualify as a volunteer?:
A10. You must have the willingness to serve others before self.

Q11. Will I be provided any allowance?:
A11. Yes, a fixed allowance will be given to you during the work attachment or volunteer service.

Q12. How long is the training?:
A12. There will be two trainings:
Life skills training is for one week
Employment skills training is for eight weeks

Q13. How long is the work attachment or volunteer?:
A13. Maximum of six months

Q14. What will I get from registering under the NEC?:
A14. You will be provided quality training through accredited training providers and opportunities to show others what you can do. You will acquire certificates from training providers as well as certificates of work attachments including volunteer service. You will have the opportunity to get employment as well as the opportunity to further your education.

Q15. How will I benefit from registering with the NEC?:
A15. You will be exposed to industries and trades through training and attachments, which will significantly improve your chances of securing permanent employment both locally and abroad.

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  1. Bula,
    Just wannar inform you guys that ive already registered to nec and ive still havent been called for any further instruction.looking forward to hear from you guys…

  2. I do need attachment in order for me to graduate. Is it possible to register under NEC (or) what should I do?

  3. Josateki Tagi Akapusi

    I need job. How can I apply?

  4. I have already registered under NEC and therefore it is the 4th week of my attachment and yet not receiving any allowances.

  5. I am a NEC Attachee in one ministry in Suva. My attachee is 3 months and now they extend my contract till next year. But the thing is the allowance is still the same.

  6. I have completed a certificate in Front Office &Food and Beverage and I got the information to contact NEC. It’s a good opportunity.

  7. When is the next enrollment? When can I be contacted? Currently I need a new job.

  8. I want to apply for attachment at FEA. I got an information that I should contact NEC first, so why should I contact NEC? Please let me know.

  9. Evisiva Adivukivuki

    I got a certificate with me. What is the next step?

  10. I am still waiting for my 8 weeks training. Is it taking long?

  11. What about the caregiver services training?

  12. Please can you guys contact me during enrollment day?

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