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Ministry of Labour & Human Resources : Job Portal System Bhutan

Name of the Organization : Ministry of Labour & Human Resources
Type of Facility : Job Portal System
Country : Bhutan
Website :

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How To Register At MOLHR Job Portal System?

Just follow the below steps to register at MOLHR Job Portal System

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New JobSeeker :
** Register and upload resume
** Get CV creation guide** Get preferred jobs in your inbox
** Get job notification by SMS
** Before you register, make sure your e-mail is valid (For example, not the face book id).

** Please leave the index number blank for those who have passed out before 2011 and for those, who have passed out on and after 2011, please do not put Zero in front of your index number. For example, 12120100541.

** If possible, please create your Bio-Data/Resume before you register.
** In case the job category or field of study is not mentioned in the ‘field column’, please do inform our registration counter.

** After your registration is successful, you will receive a message in your mobile phone, please open your email id and click the link to activate your account. If the clicking function is not responding, copy and paste the link in a new window and press the enter button.

** Login to the “Jobseeker login” to view the jobseeker number and profile.
** After activating your account, keep on updating/visiting your profile to avoid from de-registering your account.

New Employer?

** Register and upload company details
** Search JobSeeker profile
** Short-list candidate and inform about interview
** Select candidate and inform about joining details

New Employment Officer? :
** Register and approve posted jobs
** Search JobSeeker profile
** Monitor JobSeeker and Employer activities

Administrator can :
** Monitor Employment Officers activities
** Access reports
** Register Employment Offices

FAQs On MOLHR Job Portal System

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On MOLHR Job Portal System

1. Why should I register in the job portal as a job seeker?
The job portal provides a platform for you to :
a. Create your profile
b. Upload resume/CV
c. Get E-mail and SMS alerts
d. Apply for jobs posted by employers and trainings posted by MoLHR
e. Know your application status

2. Do I have to pay any fee for using the job portal?
No, Job Portal is absolutely free service for both the job seekers and employers to use.

3. Why am I not able to apply for the vacancies I see on the home page?
To apply for any vacancy or training you must be logged in. If you have not created your account yet, follow the steps provided in the next question to create your account.

4. How can I register in the job portal as a job seeker?
Go to job seeker login section on the home page or job seeker login page, click on the sign up button provide on the left side of the login form. You will be taken to a sign up form, fill all the details. Fields marked with red stars are compulsory to fill up.

Finally click on the sign up button. A account activation link will be emailed to you shortly. Click on the activation link. You will be able to login with your Email ID and the password you have chosen. Hence always provide a valid Email ID.

5. I am not able to type my name and DOB while registering as a job seeker, why?
Once you provide your CID number other details like name and DOB will be automatically fetched from Department of Civil Registration and Census. Your Passport size photograph will also be fetched. If your internet connection is slow it may take some time for your details and photograph to load.

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  1. I forgot jobseeker number how it will get back

  2. i have already registered for job seeker id and it has successfully registered. i want to do some updates in my profile but i cannot update. it says i have to register again. please

  3. Hello good evening,
    I forgot my email ID and password for my job seeker id so if there’s any way I can update it
    Thank you

  4. I forgot my job seeker ID.So,please can you help me to get job seeker number?

  5. how to activate my job seekers id?

  6. Please help me, how can I change my email address as I forgot my password.

  7. Please help me. My job seeker is not working and how can I activate I have registered before but it doesn’t work.

    1. Information available from the Official Website :

      After activating your account, keep on updating/visiting your profile to avoid from de-registering your account.

  8. I forgot my job seeker number. So, please can you help me to get job seeker number?

  9. My job seekers account is deactivated. How can I activate it?

  10. I forgot my job seeker number and email address. Please help me.

  11. How can we register who got citizen Id card?

  12. I have been trying to register for JS number, but system isn’t responding.

  13. My job seeker account is deactivated. So how can I activate?

    1. my job seeker account is deactivated and how can i activate now

  14. How can I check if I had successfully uploaded my CV?

    1. How do I activate my job seeker number? I registered already in Molhr but it didn’t work anymore and gave a invalid combination. I think it’s because of not using mail.

  15. Please help me to get my job seeker number. Actually I have registered but I forgot my js number. So can you please help me?

    1. Please help me to get my gmail to activate my job seeker number to register the different job. Actually I already registered at labor because my gmail does not work any more and gave a in vaild combination.

  16. Is it compulsory to register and would like to know the procedure of how to register as job seeker?

    1. Yes you need to register first to upload your resume.

    2. Please help me to activate my Gmail account.

  17. There is no vacancy overseas in LLB?

    1. Vacancy details are available in the above link.

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