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Technical Vocational Education & Training Management Information System (TVET-MIS) Bhutan : Ministry Of Labour & Human Resources

Name of the Organization : Ministry of Labour & Human Resources
Type of Facility : Technical Vocational Education & Training Management Information System (TVET-MIS)
Country : Bhutan

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Technical Vocational Education & Training Management Information System :

The Department of Occupational Standards, MoLHR is pleased to launch the TVET-MIS, September 2014. The main purpose of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Management Information System (TVET-MIS) is to provide online services to TVET Providers, Trainers, Assessors, disseminate information related to TVET providers, courses, trainers, assessors and to improve the internal management and quality assurance processes within the Department.

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The system will also contribute to enhance transparency and integrity.

In accordance with the power conferred under section 234 of the Labour and Employment Act 2007, the Department has developed Rules and Regulations related to effective implementation of TVET system in the country, whereby the TVET-MIS is expected to substantially support the smooth implementation of the existing Rules and Regulations.

Policy Guidelines :
** The primary objective of the national labour administration system is to ensure that workers have a descent and productive working conditions, freedom, equality, security and human dignity.

The Department of Labour is entrusted with the responsibilities for :
** Employment conditions
** Safety and health at work
** Social security/ Social protection
** Foreign workers management
** Labour dispute and its settlement
** Collective bargaining and collective dispute settlement

** In keeping with the constitution of Bhutan, the country’s Labour Administration Policy and the Labour and Employment Act, 2007 the roles and responsibilities of the Department of Labour are therefore, aimed to facilitate the fulfillment of the mandates enshrined in these documents.

Strategies :
The operational strategies of the Department to achieve these objectives are :
** Regulations on working conditions under the Labour and Employment Act, 2007 are developed and implemented,
** OHS policy/regulations are put in place,
** A national level wage policy is put in place and implemented,

** An integrated labour inspection system is institutionalized,
** Industrial/labour dispute prevention, resolution and settlement mechanism is institutionalized,

** Collective bargaining system through enterprise level workers association institutionalized.
** Foreign workers recruitment and management system strengthened through continuous upgradation of the labournet and reorganization of the Foreign Workers Recruitment Agents.

Objectives :
During the 10th Plan, the Department of Labor will strive to achieve the following objectives.
** Labor laws and regulations concerning labor inspection and labor relations will be drafted, submitted to the Ministry for approval, widely publicized and enforced.

** All enterprises liable to inspection will be inspected on average at least once per year.
** All workers, both national and foreign, will benefit from labor protection activities through a safer and healthier working environment, and improved working conditions.

** A national wage policy for the private and corporate sectors will be in place and implemented.
** A national occupational safety and health policy will be in place and supporting laws and regulations will be enacted, implemented and enforced.
** An integrated labor inspection system will be established and become operational.

** A system for bargaining on a range of labor relations issues, including wages and working conditions, will be established.
** Labor dispute prevention mechanisms will be established and become operational in various enterprises.

** Labor dispute resolution and settlement mechanisms, taking due account of traditional and customary approaches, will be in place and become operational.
** Minimize and manage the numbers of foreign workers.

Contact Us:
Ministry of Labour and Human Resources
P.O Box #1036
Thonsel Lam, Lower Motithang
Thimphu, Bhutan

Pabx – 00975-2-333867 ( Hunting Lines )
Fax– 00975-2-326731, 00975-2-327127, 00975-2-324846

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