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New South Wales Roads & Maritime Services : Check Registration & History

Name of the Organization : New South Wales Roads & Maritime Services
Type of Facility : Check Registration & History
Country : Australia

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Website :
Check Here :…3aCaMcD9n6ZPE/

Check Registration & History:

Step 1: Enter NSW plate number & accept terms & conditions
** Enter the plate number without spaces or dots, eg ABC123
** Read and accept the terms and conditions
** Click Next to proceed

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Step 2: View free registration report
** View registration report
** Save/print the report by clicking the link (upper right hand of screen)
** Tick the box to continue and buy a vehicle history report for $21
** Click Next to proceed

Step 3: Check vehicle info & enter payment details
** Check the vehicle shown is correct by comparing the last four digits of the VIN/Chassis number (find this information on the registration papers or on the vehicle)
** Enter your credit card details
** Click Confirm to proceed

Step 4: Confirm & pay
** Confirm the vehicle & payment details are correct
** Click Pay to proceed
** Your Vehicle history report will appear on screen when payment is processed. If the receipt page fails to load call 13 22 13

Finish: View, print & download report
** View Vehicle history report
** Save/email/print the report and invoice by clicking the links (upper right hand of screen)

Need Help?: 13 22 13

Getting your learner licence :
** Before you head off to the registry or service centre, you’ve got some preparation to do.
** The first thing to do is read the Road Users’ Handbook and the Driver licence section on the Roads and Maritime Services website.

** To help you out, the Road Users’ Handbook includes questions for you to tackle as you go through it. These are the kinds of test questions that you’ll need to answer in the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT).

** Electronic versions of the handbook and the DKT have been translated into Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese. The handbook – but not the test – is also available in Japanese.

Ready to go?
** Heaps of people are doing licence tests all the time so you have to book. You can book a test online, by phoning 13 22 13 or in person at any registry or service centre.

** When you go to do your test you’ll need to take proof of your identity such as your birth certificate or passport, proof of signature and address, and you’ll also need to pay a fee. You’ll also have your eyes tested – for obvious reasons!

When you’ve passed :
** Congratulations – you are now an L plater. Learner licences are valid for five years, giving you plenty of time to practice and get moving towards the next step – your P1 licence.
** To make things absolutely clear, you are given a Learner Driver Log Book at the registry or service centre when you get your learner licence. The log book is your guide.

** It’s for you and your supervising driver (a driving instructor, parent or whoever is teaching you) to record your driving experience. You have to log at least 120 hours of driving – over at least 12 months – before you can attempt the test to get your Ps. It’s a good idea to have a close look at the log book to find out what’s expected of you.

** Learner drivers 25 years old and over are exempt from completing the Learner Driver Log Book.

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