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Sri Lanka Trade Information Portal : Type Approval For Terminal Equipment

Organisation : Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka.
Portal Name : Sri Lanka Trade Information Portal
Facility Name : Type Approval For Terminal Equipment
Applicable Country : Sri Lanka
Website :

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How To Get Type Approval For Terminal Equipment?

Step 1 : Applicant should submit a duly filled application form together with aforesaid requirements and documentation.
Step 2 : Telecommunication Regulation Commission reviews application and if it’s not complete informs applicant to provide the missing documents as soon as possible.

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Step 3 : Applicant must submit a sample to the Telecommunication Regulation Commission. Initially permission will be granted to import a sample unit. It is compulsory to submit a Sample for equipment’s less than Value of Rupees 5000/-.
Step 4 : Telecommunication Regulation Commission grants a Provisional Type Approval for a period of six months.
Step 5 : Field Trial is arranged with the co-operation of Telecommunication Regulation Commission and the Applicant. Field Trial is compulsory for all equipment’s and generally last between 3-6 months.
Step 6 : A field Report is submitted and the Telecommunication Regulation Commission reviews reports. Thereafter the Full Final approval is Granted.

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Required Documents For Type Approval For Terminal Equipment

1. Full technical details of the mobile phone / data modem / data device.
2. The certificate of the Declaration of Conformity -DoC (Sample Certificate) from the Manufacturer stating that the mobile phone/data modem/data device complies with the essential requirements of Article 3 of the R&TTE 1999/5/EC Directive.
3. Notified Body Statement of Opinion as per Annex IV of the R&TTE 1999/5/EC Directive (Sample certificate) or China Compulsory Certification (CCC) (Sample certificate) and China SRRC Certification (Sample certificate -1) (Sample certificate -2).
4. The Type Allocation Code issued by GSMA for the mobile phone/data modem/data device (The Brand Name, Model Name and Manufacturer of the mobile phone/data modem/data device should be identical in the documents stated in 2 & 3 above).
5. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Report of the mobile phone/data modem/data device.
6. Complete set of the mobile phone/data modem/data device (Original box, Accessories, User Guide, etc) is required for testing purpose. TRCSL will grant the permission to import a sample unit to produce for Type approval purpose based on your request. Copy of the approval letter issued by TRCSL to import/bring this sample unit should be attached with the TA Application form.
7. A picture / photograph of the front side/back side/base with the details of the device therein.
8. Screen shot of the the software settings with Brand Name, Model Name and IMEI numbers.

Additional Requirements:
1. Applicant should Possess a Valid Vendors License
2. Applicant Should be the Sri Lankan based Local representative agent of the Original supplier or Manufacturer.Should Produce a letter from the Original equipment Supplier or Manufacturer.
3. The Brand Name, Model Name, Manufacturer, Country of Manufacture (Origin), International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and Device Type must be displayed conspicuously inside the mobile phone (when remove the battery)/outside of the data modem/data device in a permanent manner that is cast or etched in to the equipment or affixed by plate or a label which cannot be removed except by destroying or defacing it.
4. The Brand Name, Model Name must be displayed conspicuously in the front side of the mobile phone/data modem/data device.
5. Software settings mobile phone/data modem/data device should satisfy the TRCSL requirements.

Additional Simplified Procedure

Getting type approval for terminal equipment in Sri Lanka involves fulfilling specific requirements and following a defined process set by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL). Here’s a breakdown:

You need to be a local entity registered in Sri Lanka with a valid vendor license issued by TRCSL.

Gather Required Documents:
** Application form for type approval (specific to your equipment category)
** Technical Literature (user manual, specifications, data sheet, operational description)
** Declaration of Conformity (DoC) for RF, EMC, and Health & Safety as per applicable standards
** RF, EMC, and Health & Safety Test Reports
** Circuit Diagrams/Block Diagrams
** Internal and External Photographs
** GSMA TAC Letter (for cellular devices)
** Other documents specific to your equipment category (check TRCSL website)

Choose the Approval Route:
** Standard Route: Involves thorough testing and field trials, taking longer but offering broader approval.
** Simplified Route: Faster and less comprehensive, applicable for specific equipment categories.

Submit Application and Documents:
** Pay the relevant fees according to your chosen route and equipment category.
** Submit the application package to TRCSL.

Testing and Field Trials:
** Standard Route: Equipment undergoes testing at designated labs and field trials.
** Simplified Route: May involve limited testing based on TRCSL discretion.

Review and Approval:
** TRCSL reviews the application, test reports, and field trial results.
** Upon successful evaluation, you receive the type approval certificate.

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