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Sri Lanka Trade Information Portal : Customs House Agent license Registration Renewal

Organisation : Sri Lanka Department of Customs
Portal Name : Sri Lanka Trade Information Portal
Facility Name : Customs House Agent license Registration Renewal
Applicable Country : Sri Lanka
Website :

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How To Renew Customs House Agent License Registration?

To Renew Customs House Agent license Registration, Follow the below steps

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Step-1 : Submit all the relevant original documents with photocopies to customs
Step-2 : Customs will process the documentation
Step-3 : Register

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Documents Required For Customs House Agent License Registration

No. Type Notes
1. Request Letter Signed by the Proprietor/Partner/Director
2. Application Form i.CUS/ CHA (01) – One Form

CUS/ CHA (02) – Two Forms

3. Business Registration Certificate Originals with Photocopies
4. TIN Originals with Photocopies
5. VAT Originals with Photocopies
6. Letter of Certificate issued by the Bank (Bank should issue a letter certifying current account is in operation in the name of Custom House Agent)-Originals with Photocopies
7. Deed or lease Agreement
8. Proof of Address Electricity Bill/ Water Bill/ Telephone Bill-within two months
9. Cash Guarantee for Rs. 50000/= deposited in Sri Lanka Customs
10. NIC Originals with Photocopies
11. Previous CHA pass Originals with Photocopies
12. Certificate of Competence Originals with Photocopies-CHA Certificate issued by Sri Lanka Customs
13. CIU Report Originals with Photocopies
14. Police Report Originals with Photocopies-within two years
15. Grama Niladhari Certificate Originals with Photocopies-within six month

Additional Simplified Procedure

Renewing your Customs House Agent (CHA) license in Sri Lanka involves submitting specific documents and following a set procedure. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Documents Required:
** Business Registration Certificate: Original and photocopy.
** Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Certificate: Original and photocopy.
** Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration Certificate: Original and photocopy (if applicable).
** Cash Deposit Receipt: Original issued by Sri Lanka Customs during initial registration.
** National Identity Card (NIC) or Valid Passport: Original and photocopy for each CHA applicant.
** Previous Year CHA Pass: Original (not applicable for first-time renewals).
** Certificate of Competence: Original issued by Sri Lanka Customs for each CHA applicant.
** CIU Report: Original for each CHA applicant (obtained from Sri Lanka Customs – Central Intelligence Directorate).
** Police Report: Original for each CHA applicant (obtained within the last two years).
** Grama Niladari Certificate (GS Form 01): Original and photocopy for each CHA applicant (obtained within six months).
** Letter of Certification from Bank: Original, certifying a current account under the company name (obtained within two months).
** Billing Proof of Company Address: Original (e.g., electricity/water bill received within the last two months).
** 3 Inch Box File: Applicable only for first-time registrations.

** Gather all required documents. Ensure they are valid and original copies are available.
** Download and fill out the CHA Renewal Form: You can find this form on the Sri Lanka Customs website.
** Submit the application: Present the completed form and all documents to the TIN/VAT/CHA Registration Unit at the nearest Sri Lanka Customs office.
** Pay the renewal fee: The fee amount is subject to change, so inquire directly with the Customs office for the current fee.
** Await processing: Customs will verify your documents and process your application. The processing time may vary.

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