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CIDA Temporary Registration Certificate For Foreign Contractor Sri Lanka

Organisation : Construction Industry Development Authority
Facility Name : Temporary Registration Certificate For Foreign Contractor
Applicable Country : Sri Lanka
Website :

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What is Temporary Registration Certificate For Foreign Contractor?

A Temporary Registration Certificate for Foreign Contractor is the permission to carry out identified construction works stated in such Registration Certificate for Foreign Contractor. Thevalidity period for Registration Certificate of a Foreign Contractor as a Main or Sub Contractor/Joint Venture partner / consortium partners as indicated in the offer letter of work submitted (from the start work date until the expiry of the defect liability period). Where for some reason the project completion date is extended, the contractor shall apply to CIDA within fourteen (14) days of the expiry date of the Registration Certificate to extend the validity period of the Registration Certificate.

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Who Can Apply For Foreign Contractor Certificate?

Any Foreign Contractor who wishes to carry out any “Construction Contract” as a Contractor / Sub Contractor/ JV Partner shall obtain a Temporary Registration Certificate for Foreign Contractor; upon the succeeding its bid, as per Clause 39 and subsequent gazette 2085/19 of 23.08.2018, of Construction Industry Development Act No 33 of 2014.

How To Apply For Temporary Registration Certificate For Foreign Contractor?

Every Foreign contractor who wishes to obtain a temporary registration to engage in any Identified Construction Work in Sri Lanka shall make an application for each such project, along with any particulars as may be required by the Construction Industry Development Authority to register such foreign contractor with the Authority. In case of a JV, Consortium or a Sub Contract, involved with a local Contractor, only the Foreign Contractor’s component is required to obtain the Temporary Registration.

Download Application Form Here :

Requirements For Applications:
Completed application shall be submitted with following:
a) Published Tender advertisement and a letter from the client intending to award the Contract.
b) Contract data to confirm commencement and completion of the project
c) Certified Company profile with a copy of Business Registration – Local
d) Company’s financial statements
e) Details of Professional and other staff
f) Details of past performance
g) Details of imported plant & machinery

Fee For Temporary Registration Certificate For Foreign Contractor

The registration fee for foreign contractors is 0.01% of the Contract value and appropriate taxes(Value Added Tax etc) calculated from the start date to the expiry of defects liability period of the Project to be paid in USD or local currency. (Registration certificate is issued for the periodfrom the start date to the expiry of defect liability period). The registration fees shall be paid upon registration.

Processing Time:
If the application is complete and is in order, the applicant will be notified within one (01) week of the date of submission of application

Additional Simplified Procedure

The process of applying for a Temporary Registration Certificate (TRC) for a foreign contractor in Sri Lanka is outlined by the Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA). Here’s a summary of the steps involved:

Gather The Required Documents:
** Completed application form: You can download the form from the CIDA website or pick up a copy from their office. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before filling it out.
** Published tender advertisement: This is the advertisement for the project that you have been awarded.
** Letter from the client: This letter should confirm that you have been awarded the contract and state the project details.
** Certified company profile: This should include your company’s registration certificate, financial statements, and details of your past performance.
** Details of professional and other staff: This should include the names, qualifications, and experience of your key personnel who will be working on the project.
** Details of past performance: This should include a list of similar projects that you have completed successfully.
** Details of imported plant and machinery: This should include a list of the machinery and equipment that you will be bringing into Sri Lanka for the project.
** Local Business Registration: This is required if you are setting up a temporary office in Sri Lanka for the project.

2. Submit the application:
** The application can be submitted electronically or in hard copy to the CIDA office.
** The processing fee is 0.01% of the contract value of the project, plus any applicable taxes.

Wait for the CIDA’s decision:
** The CIDA will review your application and make a decision within 14 days.
** If your application is approved, you will be issued a TRC.

4. Start work:
Once you have received your TRC, you can start work on the project.

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