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NSW Government Combined Driver & Boat Licence Application

Organisation : NSW Government
Facility Name : Apply for a Combined Driver & Boat Licence
Country : Australia
Website :

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What is NSW Combined Driver Licence & Boat Licence?

The combined licence looks like a NSW Driver Licence, with an indicator on the reverse side of the card that shows the licence holder also has a NSW boat licence. If you have a boat licence and a driver licence, you can apply to combine the two licences onto one card. There is no change to the way each of the licences is obtained or maintained. You can only apply for a combined licence at the time of your driver licence renewal.

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How To Apply for a Combined Driver & Boat Licence?

To Apply for a Combined Driver & Boat Licence, the procedure are given below
1. Download and complete the Licence Renewal Application – PDF.
2. Gather all the necessary documents.
3. Visit your nearest service centre and submit your application.

NSW Combined Driver Licence & Boat Licence Application Form :

Eligibility Criteria

The Eligibility Criteria of NSW Combined Driver Licence & Boat Licence are given below,
** You hold an unrestricted driver licence of any class (including rider, heavy vehicle)
** Your driver licence is due or eligible for renewal
** The name and date of birth on your driver licence and boat licence match
** Your driver licence and boat licence (including personal watercraft) are current, or not expired more than 5 years.

You’re not eligible for a combined licence if:
You hold a young adult general boat or young adult personal watercraft licence, or a gratis boat licence.

What You Need for Combined Driver & Boat Licence?

** an eligible driver licence
** an eligible boat licence
** a satisfactory medical report (if required)
** the PDF form – ‘Licence Renewal Application’.

More Information:
** You must agree to align your boat licence expiry date with your driver licence expiry date, and pay the necessary fees.
** Your driver licence renewal period must have an expiry date that is greater than your current boat licence expiry date (boat licence expiry dates can only be extended, not reduced).
** There’s no additional fee for the combined licence.
** You can opt out of your combined licence at any time, and your driver licence and boat licence will be reprinted at no cost.
** If you surrender your licence voluntarily, you’ll receive a pro rata refund of both, or either, licence components.
** You’ll get a renewal notice for your combined licence about 6 weeks before it’s due to expire.
** You can renew your combined licence at a service centre.

Payment Methods for Combined Driver & Boat Licence

The Payment Methods for Combined Driver & Boat Licence are given below,
1. Online transactions:
** Paypal
** Credit or debit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, UnionPay or Diners Club)

2. Phone transactions:
Credit or debit card (MasterCard, Visa, or American Express)

3. In person at a service centre:
Payments may be made by using:
1. cash (for exceptions see where cash payments are not accepted)
2. cheque (personal or bank)
3. credit or debit card
** MasterCard
** Visa
** American Express (not available at all locations)
** UnionPay
** Diners Club
4. money order.

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