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NSW Government Apply to Register A Personally Imported Vehicle

Organisation : NSW Government
Facility Name : Apply to Register A Personally Imported Vehicle
Country : Australia
Website :

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What is NSW Personally Imported Vehicle Register?

Registration is exempt on this journey, as long as you don’t break the journey, or take the vehicle home (unless it’s being transported on a trailer). When your personally imported vehicle has cleared customs, you need to drive it directly to a weighbridge (if it’s a make and model not normally available in Australia), and/or a safety check station (AUVIS). A personally imported vehicle plate will be sent to you, which you must attach in accordance with the instructions supplied. The vehicle then needs to be re-inspected at the AUVIS, before you can apply to register it.

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How To Apply Register A Personally Imported Vehicle?

To Apply to Register A Personally Imported Vehicle, the procedure are given below,
** Download and complete the Application for Registration – PDF.
** Make sure you have all the required documentation.
** Visit a service centre and lodge your application.

What You Need for NSW Personally Imported Vehicle?

** VIA documentation
** proof of entitlement to register the vehicle (bill of sale or overseas registration certificate, if applicable)
** proof of identity documents
** AUVIS inspection report
** Compulsory Third Party policy receipt (green slip) with the number plate section left blank (except for trailers and caravans)
** VSCCS Compliance Certificate (if applicable)
** VIIU report (if applicable)
** weighbridge ticket (if applicable)
** business or organisation details (if applicable)
** representative’s authority (if being registered in the name of an organisation)
** the PDF form – ‘Application for Registration’.

More information:
You’ll need to obtain your initial inspection reports from a heavy vehicle inspection station (HVAIS) rather than an AUVIS, if your personally imported vehicle is any of the following:
** 5 tonnes tare mass or more
** fitted with power-operated brakes
** a trailer 2 tonnes GTM or more, or fitted with break-away brakes
** a bus 2.5 tonnes tare mass or over
** a prime-mover.

Payment Methods for NSW Personally Imported Vehicle

The Payment Methods for NSW Personally Imported Vehicle are given below,
1. Online transactions:
** Paypal
** Credit or debit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, UnionPay or Diners Club)

2. Phone transactions:
Credit or debit card (MasterCard, Visa, or American Express)

3. In person at a service centre:
Payments may be made by using:
1. cash (for exceptions see where cash payments are not accepted)
2. cheque (personal or bank)
3. credit or debit card
** MasterCard
** Visa
** American Express (not available at all locations)
** UnionPay
** Diners Club
4. money order.

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