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Services Australia Carer Supplement Application :

Organisation : Services Australia
Facility Name : Carer Supplement Application
Country : Australia
Website :

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What is Services Australia Carer Supplement Application?

Carer Supplement is an extra payment, paid twice a year, for people in Scotland who get Carer’s Allowance. If eligible, you will receive a letter notifying you a payment has been made. Carers do not need to apply for the supplement as it is paid automatically if they are due a payment. Paid annually if you care for a person with a disability or medical condition, or who is frail aged. You must get certain payments from us to get it. Carer Supplement is an annual $600 payment and is paid in July each year to recipients of Carer Allowance for each person being cared for.

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How To Get Australia Carer Supplement?

You don’t need to apply for Carer Supplement. If you’re eligible, we’ll pay the supplement straight into your bank account.

If you haven’t got Carer Supplement by early August and you think you’re eligible, you can follow these steps:
** Sign into myGov and select Centrelink.
** Select Payments and claims, followed by Manage payments and My payments and check to see if we’ve paid you.
** Check the bank account details you told us are correct.
** If the payment isn’t showing, call our Disability, sickness and carers line.

You’ll get the Carer Supplement each year for as long as you remain eligible.
We’ll assess your eligibility for Child Disability Assistance Payment separately.

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How Much You Can Get Carer Supplement?

The supplement is up to $600 each year for each eligible payment. You’ll get this amount on top of your regular payment.
You can get more than one supplement.

You can get the supplement for both of the following:
** an eligible income support payment
** each person you get Carer Allowance for.

If you share the care of the person and the other carer is not your partner, you’ll get a part rate of Carer Supplement. How much you get depends on how much care you provide.

How you’re paid For Carer Supplement?

** The supplement will go into your nominated bank account in one lump sum each year.
** If your payments are income managed, your supplement will be income managed as well.

How to manage your Carer Supplement?

Your options for managing Carer Supplement.
1. Managing your money:

We’ve got tips and tools to help you with budgeting, borrowing and credit, and managing debt.
Read more about how to:
** budget
** deal with debt
** manage loans and credit
** build savings.

2. Overdrawn bank account:

You can get help to access your money if your bank account is overdrawn.
A bank account is overdrawn if your balance goes below zero.

This can happen if:
** it looks like you have money to take out but another transaction hasn’t gone through yet
** you use direct debit to pay your bills.

If the bank account you’ve nominated for your Centrelink payment becomes overdrawn it can create a debt to the bank or reduce the amount of your payment you can access. Your bank might also charge you a fee. You have to pay the amount owed and the fee back to them.
Many banks, building societies and credits unions have agreed to protect your payment. If you contact them, they can arrange to take no more than 10% of your Centrelink payment toward the amount you owe in each pay period until the debt is paid. This means you can access the rest of your payment as normal.

Protected payments:
Under the Code of Operation, your bank may have agreed to protect your Centrelink payment if you get any of these:
** Age Pension
** Austudy Payment
** Bereavement Allowance
** Carer Payment
** Disability Support Pension
** Farm Household Allowance
** JobSeeker Payment
** Parenting Payment (partnered)
** Parenting Payment (single)
** Sickness Allowance
** Special Benefit
** Youth Allowance/ABSTUDY Living Allowance

Under the Code of Operation, your bank may have agreed to protect your Department of Veterans’ Affairs payment if you get any of these:
** Crisis payment
** Defence Force Income Support Allowance
** Education Entry Payment
** Income Support Supplement
** Periodic Payments of Wholly Dependent Partner’s Pension
** Service Pension – age, invalidity, or partner
** War Widow(er)’s Pension.

You should contact your bank to arrange a repayment plan of the amount that you owe, and to arrange access to the rest of your payment. You can choose to pay more than 10% of your payment to your bank if you wish.
Speak to your bank about their fees and repayment policies for customers receiving any of these payments.

Example of a protected payment:
If your account is overdrawn and you get a payment of $200, the bank can take up to $20, which is 10%, to repay the amount that you owe. The bank can provide you with access to the remaining $180, or 90%, of your payment.

Banks that agree to the protected payment:
A list of banks, building societies and credit unions that agree to the Code are on these websites:
** Australia Bankers’ Association members
** Australian Finance Industry Association members
** Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA) members who have signed the COBA Code of Practice.

When the Code doesn’t protect your payment
The Code doesn’t protect you if any of these apply:
** your account is overdrawn due to a dishonest or unlawful act
** a third party gets money you owe them direct from your account due to a court order
** the overdrawn account is not the account you have nominated to get your Services Australia income support payment.

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