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LECO Short Message Service Sri Lanka : Electricity Company

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Organization : Lanka Electricity Company
Type of Facility : LECO Short Message Service
Country: Sri Lanka
Website :

LECO Short Message Service

Lanka Electricity Company Short Message Service

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SMS Format

Registered Customer Service

Register with LECO SMS to obtain following information free of charge through Short Message Service (SMS).
** Scheduled power outages information affected to customer
** Sudden supply breakdown information affected to customer (unscheduled)

** Reminder of the disconnection notice already issued with the bill for non payment
** Other matters related to consumer account- ex. Tariff change

In order to get this facility, Customers need to register for this service by sending a SMS to mobile number 071 4 643 643 as indicated above

Any Customer Service

Any customer can obtain following information/services through this system by sending a SMS to 0714643643 as follows

If you make complaint or request with respect to an electricity service, please indicate respective electricity account no for quick service.

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1. How to obtain a service connection?
You can obtain a service connection by submitting the duly filled application form to the respective Customer Service Centre along with other supportive documents.

The application form and the information about the supporting Documents could be collected from the Branch office or from a Customer Service Centre in your area which will be issued free of charge.

Once you submit the Documents you will receive a reference number and please do retain this number for further references. You can also download the application form from our website.

Once you hand over the complete set of application, estimate for the work will be given within 14 working days. After making necessary payment the service connection could be obtained within 14 working days subjected to No third party objections.

2. How to make your bill payments?
LECO Electricity consumers can make their payments at the Banks and at Cargill’s Food Cities without any additional charge as described in the overleaf of the monthly Electricity Bill.

Payments of Bills also can be done by cash or cheque at any Branch Office. Further, facilities are available to use HSBC or AMEX credit cards to settle your bills at Branch Office only. In addition, through our website you can make bill payments.

3. What should your action be, if you receive a Notice of Disconnection with the current Bill?
Check whether the last payment was done prior to the printing of the bill that is shown in the bill itself and checks the payment. If anymore payments have been made subsequently please do check with the relevant Branch Office.

** If no payment was done after the date of the last payment, make arrangements to pay at least the Amount given in the Notice.

** If you intend to make the payment on the last day (i.e. on the 10th day of the notice) do the payment to the relevant Branch Office only to avoid disconnection as payments made to any other place other than the relevant Branch Office will take 24 hours to update.

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