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VEP RFID Tag Service Malaysia

The proposed VEP windshield tag consists of RFID chip and antenna. The physical design specification of the VEP-RFID tag is set out below.

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** The windshield tag is rectangular in shape with a measurement of 110mm(w) X 55mm(l);
** The windshield tags are pre-printed with custom images and tag serial numbers which are unique for each registered vehicle;

The other available type of VEP-RFID tag is the headlamp tag which will be issued only when the VEP windshield tag is deemed unsuitable for certain types of vehicle.

Security Features

VEP-RFID tag adopts EPC Gen2v2 standard which provides a series of features intended to improve security and deter the counterfeiting of tagged items, by enabling the authentication of a tag or reader, and includes privacy features for consumers.

Modern authentication protocols and algorithms are employed to prevent duplication or cloning of the VEP-RFID tag.

The VEP-RFID Tag is designed with anti-peel and tamper proof features. Once attached to the interior surface of windshields or exterior surface of the headlamp, the VEP-RFID tag cannot be removed without destroying the chip.


1. How much is the VEP RFID tag?
The processing fee for a VEP-RFID tag is RM10 only.The VEP is valid for 5 years only (starting from the day the VEP-RFID tag is activated) and the same amount of administration fee shall be paid during the renewal.

2. Where can I collect the VEP RFID tag?
You will first need to register for the VEP. Thereafter, we will write to you on the steps to take to collect the VEP-RFID tag.

3. Can I transfer the VEP RFID tag of my previous vehicle to my new vehicle?
No. The VEP RFID Tag is unique for each vehicle and it is not transferrable. When the ownership of a vehicle is transferred to another entity, the validity of the VEP RFID tag automatically ceases.

If you are the previous owner of the vehicle (transferor), you are responsible for updating the vehicle ownership status. Failure to do so, and you shall bear the risk of being fined for any offence that might be committed by the new owner.

If you are the new owner of the vehicle (transferee), it is your responsibility to apply for a new VEP and to ensure that the previous owner has updated the vehicle ownership status.

4. What do I do if the VEP RFID tag is stolen / lost / damaged from accident?
If the VEP-RFID Tag is stolen / lost / damaged from an accident, you are required to apply for a new VEP-RFID tag.

To collect the new VEP-RFID tag, you are required to bring along the same set of documents, which you used during the initial registration, and a valid police report. You will be charged a processing fee of RM10.00

5. What do I do if the VEP RFID tag is faulty?
You will know your VEP-RFID tag is faulty when it cannot be detected by the RFID reader at the CIQ complexes and is confirmed by the RTD personnel. However, the replacement policy does not apply to tags that have been removed or tampered with.

You will be charged a processing fee of RM10.00 for the issuance of a new tag if the tag is found to be removed or tampered with.

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  1. Not able to update my Vehicle (transferor) as i cant edit. please advices.

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