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Organization : Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia
Facility/ Service Name : Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) Registration
Country : Malaysia
Website :

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What is JPJ Malaysia Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP)?

Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) is a permit issued by the Road Transport Department (under Section 66H of the Road Transport Act 1987) that allows the entry of foreign vehicles into Malaysia.

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Owners or representatives duly appointed by the owners of ALL foreign registered vehicles entering Peninsular Malaysia are required to register online for VEP through this portal.

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VEP registered vehicles will be issued non-transferrable RFID tags that uniquely identify each vehicle.

Road charge (RC) is a fee imposed on all foreign registered private vehicles (excluding motorcycles) when entering Malaysia. The fee of RM20.00 will be charged each time these vehicles enter the country.

Process of JPJ Malaysia Vehicle Entry Permit Registration

Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) Registration Process

3 Easy Steps To Setting Up A VEP Account

Registration :
Vehicle owner signs up for an online account and registers their vehicle, owner and driver details. Vehicle owners may appoint a representative to register on his or her behalf. The registrants must ensure that the information provided is true and accurate.

Confirmation :
Registrants will receive an email with a confirmation slip containing the registration details provided by the registrant. The confirmation slip can also be downloaded from the portal. If the confirmation slip contains inaccurate information, the registrant is still allowed to resubmit the registration details at this stage.

Collection :
The registrant will present the confirmation slip together with other pertinent documents to the RTD officer for verification at the designated VEP collection counters. Upon successful verification and payment of a processing fee (RM10), the registrant will receive a VEP-RFID tag which is valid for 5 years.

How To Register For Malaysia Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP)?

To Register For Malaysia Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP), Follow the below steps

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of JPJ Malaysia through provided above.
Step 2 : Next, click on the “Sign Up” link in the top corner of the page.

Step 3 : Fill in the details at the right box in home page.
Step 4 : Enter the given captcha.
Step 5 : Click on the <Sign Up> button to sign up new account.

Step 6 : Upon successful sign up, the system will send an account activation link to user’s email account.

FAQ On JPJ Malaysia VEP Registration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On JPJ Malaysia Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) Registration

1. What category of foreign vehicles are required to register for VEP?
The following vehicle ownership categories are required to register for VEP
** Private (vehicles owned by individuals, companies or organizations for private usage)
** Commercial (vehicles owned by companies and used for business purposes); and
** Embassy / Government (vehicles owned by governments, consulates or embassies)

2. When and how to register for VEP?
All owners or representatives appointed by the owners of ALL foreign registered vehicles entering the southern border of Peninsular Malaysia are advised to register online for VEP through this portal.

3. What information do I need in order to register?
VEP registration requires the following information
** Registrant’s details (the person who sign up for the portal account)
** Vehicle Details
** Vehicle Owner’s Details
** Driver’s details

Registrant is required to upload the following documents to the portal
** Authorisation letter (if registration is performed by representative)
** Vehicle Registration Document/Card issued by the relevant authorities

4. What is the validity period of the VEP?
The VEP is valid for five (5) years only (starting from the day the VEP RFID tag is activated).

5. How can I check if the VEP has expired?
The vehicle owner can check the VEP expiry date through the VEP portal. The portal will send a reminder email to you 6 months before the expiry date.

6. Can I enter Malaysia if my VEP has expired?
Yes, you can still enter Malaysia but you will have to pay a penalty fee of RM150.00 upon exiting Malaysia. To avoid any inconvenience or delay in your journey, you are therefore encouraged to ensure that your vehicle enters Malaysia with a valid VEP.

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  1. I had sold my car 2 years ago , and I had transferred the car registration number to my current car. What should I do now to register my current car for new VEP ? ( I had do nothing to the previous car ) .

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