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Organization : Dominica Electricity Services Limited
Facility/ Service Name : View My Bill
Country : Dominica
Website :

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DOMLEC View My Bill

As the sole supplier of electricity we promise the Dominican public the best in customer service and reliability. Our goal is to deliver the quality and range of services that meet the needs and demands of your busy lifestyle.

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How to View?

Just follow the below steps to view your bill.

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the website through the URL

Step 2 : Don’t have a User Name yet? Creating a User Name gives you access to your account details and some great tools including:
** View and Pay your bills online – VisaMaster Card
** Review your transaction and payment history
** Analyze and download electricity consumption

Before you get started, please have your most recent bill handy to complete the registration form.

Step 3 : Already registered user, Login with your User Name & Password to pay your bill.


Q. How can I know if my bill was estimated?
A. Towards the center of the electric bill is a gray bar. This bar provides information on the meter number, previous and current read dates, total days billed, previous and current reading, usage, units and most importantly the read status.

The word “regular” under the heading “read status” indicates that the meter had been read. Anything else would mean that the current reading on the bill is possible an estimate.

Q. What information is needed to make an enquiry on my electricity account?
A. Preferably the customer number or account number on the electric bill. This speeds up the query. Alternatively, a meter number, and customer name will suffice.

Q. Where are the account number and customer number located on my bill?
A. Towards the upper and bottom right sections of the electric bill.

Q. On my bill I see there are line comments such as Domestic Block 1 charge and Domestic Block 2 charge. What exactly are these?
1. Calculations for the current balance : (For customers whose consumption is in excess of 100 units). The first three lines on the bill – Domestic Block 1, Domestic Block 2 & Fuel Surcharge – calculate the first 100 units VAT free.

2. The next two lines : Additional kWh and additional fuel – calculate the remaining units on which VAT will be applied.
3. The last line : VAT, of course calculates the tax applicable on units in excess of 100

Q. Sometimes why is my bill estimated?
A. This is done in when the company was unable to obtain a reading from the meter on specific, scheduled reading dates due to a locked gate, bad dog, or any other condition which hinders meter accessibility.

Q. What is the cost for a new service which involves new poles and wiring?
A. If the distance exceeds 100 ft 50c must be paid for every foot of cable. Commercial customers must pay for the meter, every foot of cable and a security deposit is required based on the number of points specified on the fitness certificate.

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