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Organization : Dominica Electricity Services Limited
Facility/ Service Name : Pay As U Go (PAUG) Service
Country : Dominica
Website :

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JUICE is Domlec’s new Pay As U Go (PAUG) system replacing Suprima which served the company and its customers for 7years. Suprima, a prepaid utility system out of South Africa, did not wholly support the customer’s demand for easier and on demand access to purchasing power.

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In response, Domlec Information Technology Department took the initiative to address the problem and find a lasting solution to those challenges for both the customer and the company. Here is a simple view of the process.


Purchasing Power :
** You can buy power at your traditional vendors in your hometown and many new locations.
** You can receive tokens as a printed receipt or a text message on your phone. Let the vendor know how you prefer to receive it.

** You can ask the vendor to send the token to a cell phone of your choice (eg, your mum at home). Simply provide the vendor with the cell number you wish to use.

** No need to “keep an emergency token,” just deposit your money in your Juice Wallet by telling your vendor you wish to “fund your Wallet.” You can then take your power tokens when and in the amounts you want. You can take up to your full wallet balance.

** You can “sell” power to yourself from your Juice Wallet using your cell phone or calling our automated menu (Interactive Voice Response) at 2556038 and following the prompts

** You can retrieve the your last token purchased by calling 255 6038
** In cases where there are printer issues, you can now have the vendor call out your token to you or write it down for you.

** You can check your arrears balance at your vendor
** You can draw tokens from your wallet at any vendor

Upon Registration :
** You will be able to transfer money from your wallet to a friend of family member’s wallet according to your desire thru your online account.
** You will be able to manage your account from anywhere online

** You will have access to your Juice account and see all your transactions online
** You will be able to view and reprint your tokens from your account from any online computer


Q. Where can I buy power?
A. At DOMLEC’s Main Office, The Portsmouth office and at other locations which are indicated under the PAY-AS-U-GO link on this website..

Q. How much power can I buy?
A. As much as you like. The ability to actively manage your account is one of the advantages of PAY-AS-U-GO.

Q. Is PAY-AS-U-GO more expensive than what I pay now?
A. No, the unit price is the same for both prepaid power and post paid accounts.

Q. What happens if I run out of power when DOMLEC is closed?
A. You can buy power at any vendor around the island.

Q. What if Iose my METER ID CARD and require a replacement?
A. Come to the inquiries desk at the main office Roseau to place your request. A EC $10.00 replacement fee is charged.

Q. What if I lose my receipt and token?
A. You can call 2556038 and follow the prompts.

Q. Can someone else use my token on their meter?
A. NO! It only works on your meter.

Q. IF I move house, can I get a refund on unused power?
A. When you move, let us know about any remaining units and we’ll transfer them to your meter.

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