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Civil Aviation Authority : Application For Twin or Multi Engine Rating Skill Test Israel

Name of the Organization : Civil Aviation Authority
Type of Facility : Application For Twin or Multi Engine Rating Skill Test
Country : Israel

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CAA Application For Twin or Multi Engine Rating Skill Test

Objective :
** Although the skill test for each type of licence or rating is discussed in the chapter on that subject, there is general

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** An inspector/examiner may administer airman certification skill
** tests only while on duty within the scope of the job description,
** while being compensated by the CAA.
** those specified by the CAA Approved, Aeroplane or Rotor craft

Knowledge Test Reports :
** An inspector/examiner conducting a skill test shall note the failed
** An possible deficiencies that may affect the applicant’s flight
** Performance. Authorised instructors may endorse the knowledge test report form, attesting that an applicant has received
** instruction in the areas missed on the test.

** Preflight Briefings.To ensure the highest degree of safety during skill tests, the
** This briefing must be given regardless of the abilities of the crew members and their previous experience flying together.
** The briefing must inform all participants of their respective

Medical Certificate Requirements. :
A person applying for the original issuance of a pilot licence must present a medical certificate appropriate to the pilot privileges being sought. Pilot privileges require an appropriate medical certificate, while aircraft ratings and limitations do not. The specific medical certificate required
for each skill test is indicated in the specific chapter.

Procedures. :
Inspectors and examiners conducting skill tests inmulti engine aero planes should discuss the method to be
used in simulating an engine failure with the applicant before the test. Inspectors and examiners should use caution in shutting down an engine with the mixture control since in some engine installations; such action may preclude a timely engine restart or may damage the engine.In no case should the mixture control be used to simulate engine failure below 3,000 feet AGL. Rather, a reduction

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Training and Welfare Department :
** Management of the training system of CAA employees in accordance with international standards.
** Leading the development of professional courses in the sphere of aviation for employees of the Organization and for its customers.

** Formulation and implementation of the annual training program of the whole of the CAA, including the training budget.
** Management and training of a reservoir of intra organization instructors and tutors.
** Constitutes a connecting factor with training bodies in Israel and worldwide.

** Production of training manuals, arrangement of professional conferences and events for clients of the CAA.
** Responsible for the formulation and implementation of the annual welfare program for CAA employees including the welfare budget.
** Management of the training and overseas travel committee.

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