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Apply for Theoretical Knowledge Instructors recommendation Israel : Civil Aviation Authority

Name of the Organization : Civil Aviation Authority
Type of Facility : Apply for Theoretical Knowledge Instructors recommendation
Country : Israel

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Official Website :

Apply for Theoretical Knowledge Instructors recommendation :

Objective :
The examinations section of the Personnel Licensing Office(PEL Office) is responsible for administering aviation knowledge tests by preparing papers, selecting the time and place and giving clear instructions to the applicant.

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In special cases when the PEL Office does not have the resources to develop licensing

** The test rooms in PEL Office provide and maintain on a continuous basis :
** Conformance with local building, sanitation, and health codes.
** Restroom facilities located in the same building where the knowledge testing is conducted.
** Proper control of temperature and ventilation.
** Adequate lighting. Situations that create glare on computer monitor screens should be avoided.
** Adequate physical space. Separate cubicles with suitable partitions between test terminals (or test areas) are

Suitable test proctors or surveyors shall be available who understand the nature of the examinations and the requirements for their conduct. The test proctor is a properly trained and qualified individual appointed by the PEL Office
to administer aviation knowledge tests. The test proctor

The purpose of the knowledge test guide is to describe the CAA knowledge testing policy and procedures for each license area. The PEL Office developed a knowledge test guide which will answer an applicants question about taking the knowledge test by covering the following areas :Knowledge test eligibility requirements; knowledge areas;

Provide each applicant with :
** A set of instructions for taking the test either by computer or in paper format depending on the capability of
** The required supplementary materials free of extraneous marks.
** An accountable number of sheets of scratch paper.
** Inspect the aid(s) the applicant plans to use during the test to ensure that they meet the guidelines stated in paragraph
** Ensure that the proper test is available.
** Answer applicant questions regarding the proper use of equipment.

** Is the applicant provided with introductory material for familiarisation with computer-based testing
** Is the applicant provided with the correct, current and complete supplementary material free of
** Is the applicant provided with an accountable number of scratch-paper
** Does the test proctor inspect the aid/s the applicant plans to use during the test to ensure compliance with

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Administration & Human Resources Division :
The Administration and Human Resources Division is charged with responsibility for the whole range of administration and human resources issues of the CAA including the management of human resources, training and welfare, the financial management, procurement and logistics for the whole organization.

Organizational Development :
Management of the organizational development processes including organizational changes, improvement of working interaction and principal working procedures, etc.

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