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Organization : Environmental Management Bureau
Service Name : CNC Online Application System
Country: Philippines
Website :

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EMB CNC Online Application System

Please follow the below steps for CNC Online Application System.

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Steps :
Step 1 : Go to
Step 2 : Click CNC Online Application and Click “Proceed” button

Step 4 : Select the location of the project (see example)

Step 5 : Determine whether your proposed project is considered as Environmental Enhancement.
** If YES, your application should be applied to EMB Regional Office where the project will be located.
** If NO, you will proceed to the next step.

Note :
Environmental Enhancement (Category C) are projects or undertakings not falling under Environmentally Critical Projects (Category A) or Non-Environmentally Critical Projects (Category B) which are intended to directly enhance the quality of the environment or directly address existing environmental problems.

Step 6 : Type the keyword of your project then click the search bar.
Step 7 : Tick the Project Category/type of your project from the list.
Step 8 : Provide the ACTUAL PROJECT SIZE
Step 9 : Double click to save

Note : If your proposed project is categorized as Category C, please proceed and coordinate with EMB Regional Office where the Project will be located.

Note :
For other projects, please provide a detailed project description. Please note that the copy of the project layout should be LESS THAN 5 MB to proceed to the next step.

Note :
Please secure a duplicate copy of the order of payment for your reference. Do not lose the application reference no. This will be used in updating your payment and tracking the status of your application

Step 10 :
At the bank, please fill-up the On-Coll Payment slip of Landbank and provide the necessary information. After payment at the bank scan the deposit slip. GO BACK TO CNC ONLINE APPLICATION SYSTEM

Update Payment/ Track Status

To track status of your application go back CNC Online System and click “update payment or track status of your application” after seven (7) working days and you can download your approved CNC.

Please provide the Application Reference No. (ARN) below to input payment transaction reference or to verify the status of the CNC Application.

EMP Functions

1. Advise the Secretary on matters relating to Environmental Management

2. Formulate plans and policies and set appropriate environmental quality standards (Water, Air And Noise) for the prevention, control of pollution and protection of the environment

3. Exercise direct supervision over its regional offices in the implementation of plans and programs. The central and regional offices of the bureau discharge both staff and regulatory functions

** Issue permits, clearances Under RA 8749, RA 9003, RA 9275, RA 6969 and PD 1586 and monitor compliance to said laws

User Manual :

4. Provide secretariat support to the pollution adjudication board per EO 192
5. Provide secretariat support to the National Solid Waste Management Commission as provided for in Section 4 of Ra 9003

6. Develop and implement a research and development program in support of the following
** Environmental And Compliance Monitoring; And
** Study of existing and potential environmental problems and issues

7. Implement a system for the recognition of environmental laboratories
8. Promote public information and education to encourage participation of an informed citizenry in environmental quality planning and monitoring.

9. Serve as focal point agency for international agreements/commitments

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