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Home Affairs LEGENDcom Service

LEGENDcom is an electronic database of Migration and Citizenship legislation and policy documents which is available on a subscription basis or by accessing LEGENDcom through libraries in the Library Deposit and Free Issue Schemes who subscribe to LEGENDcom.

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What is Included?

LEGENDcom relevantly contains the following :


** Migration Act 1958 and Migration Regulations 1994 (from 01/09/1994)
** Other migration legislation
** Procedures Advice Manual 3
** Legislative and non-legislative instruments
** Gazette notices
** Migration Series Instructions


** Citizenship Act 1948 and associated regulations
** Citizenship Act 2007 and associated regulations (from 01/07/2007)
** Other Migration and Citizenship related legislation
** Australian Citizenship Instructions
** Instruments

Fillable Forms

LEGENDcom has fillable versions of our current forms that can be saved on your computer and completed by typing directly into the fields. You can complete these forms in a number of sittings if necessary, and print them prior to lodgement.

Our forms have been Reader Extended to allow for additional form functionality. It is critical that you use the free Adobe Reader to view these forms as this allows for importing and exporting of forms data.

Using other third party PDF readers or other Adobe products like Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional can cause incompatibility issues. While a majority of our forms are available for electronic completion, a small number of our forms will require you to complete a printed copy.

Note : These forms cannot be submitted electronically. They must be printed, signed, and submitted in hard copy.

Who Should Use?

LEGENDcom is used by people who require access to the most up to date Migration and Citizenship legislation and policy available.

For registered migration agents, the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (Office of the MARA) state that subscribing to LEGENDcom is sufficient to meet the Code of Conduct requirement to hold a professional library.

Any queries regarding professional library requirements should be made directly to the Office of the MARA. It can also be used by legal practitioners who provide advice on migration or citizenship matters, or for undertaking research in migration.

Benefits of LEGENDcom

LEGENDcom is a powerful, decision-support tool that is based on the Legend system used by staff within the department.

The benefits of subscribing to LEGENDcom are :
** Access to legislation and policy 24 hours a day.
** Access to the most up to date information – updates are made on an ongoing basis so that changes to legislation and other material are generally available on the day they come into effect.

** Powerful search engines – you will be able to search across current and/or historical legislation and policy information at a set point in time. Searches can also be refined to enable you to find even the most complex or specific information.

** PDF Fillable Forms (Adobe Portable Document Format) – these forms can be saved on your computer and completed by typing directly into the answer fields.
** Effective completion of forms – you can complete forms in more than one sitting if necessary, and print them at your convenience prior to lodgement.

** Hyperlinked information – related legislation and policy documents are hyperlinked to each other. Pop-up boxes provide value-added information in the form of explanations, background, and links to related information. These features make it easier to navigate complex legislation and policy.

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