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Home Affairs Tourist Refund Scheme

Ensure you are at the TRS facility early to make your claim as queues can be long. You can claim a refund of the goods and services tax (GST) and wine equalisation tax (WET) that you pay on goods you buy in Australia.

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As you leave the country, you must wear or carry the goods as hand luggage with you, unless the goods are oversized goods or liquids, aerosols and gels restricted to hold luggage for security reasons.

Are You A Retailer

Participation in the Tourist Refund Scheme TRS :
If you have an Australian business number (ABN), are registered for the GST and can produce a valid tax invoice, you are eligible to participate in the scheme. No registration to the TRS is required. A TRS sale is the same as a normal sale. However, your customers will need an original tax invoice.

To be eligible to claim under the TRS, invoices must total $300 (GST inclusive) or more from a single ABN, and may be made up of multiple purchases on multiple days provided each purchase is made within 60 days of the customer’s departure from Australia.

If passengers buy lower-priced goods from your store on different days within the 60-day period, they might ask you to consolidate their invoices. To help facilitate the passenger’s TRS claim and reduce their time queuing, consolidation of tax invoices by retailers is appreciated.

The tax invoice is necessary for travellers as evidence of the date and price of the purchase. It should also contain your ABN, a description of the goods supplied and the GST amount. Tax invoices for purchases of AUD 1000 or more must contain the identity of the purchaser.

TRS Applications

How do the apps work?
The mobile and web Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) applications (apps) allow you to store the information required to lodge a TRS claim in a Quick Response (QR) code generated by the app.

You will still need to attend a TRS facility prior to your departure, with all of your tax invoices in order to lodge your claim.
Using the apps you can enter :
** your travel details
** details of the goods for which you are claiming a refund of goods and services tax (GST) and/or wine equalisation tax, and
** how you prefer to receive your tax refund.

Eligibility Criteria

** you purchased the goods in the 60 days before you leave Australia
** your purchases are from a single business with the same Australian business number (ABN) and total $300 (GST inclusive) or more.

For example, if you bought items from one business, even on separate invoices, that together total $300, these items may be eligible for a tax refund under the TRS
** you paid for the goods
** you have an original tax invoice for the goods

** you wear, carry the goods as hand luggage, or check the goods in with your luggage. If the goods are liquids, aerosols or gels (LAGs), or oversized or bulky goods that the airline requires to be checked in as hold luggage you need to have these good verified at the Australian Border Force (ABF) Client Service counter before checking the goods in with your luggage.

On the day of your departure, you must present the following items to an ABF officer your :
** Passport and/or military ID along with proof of travel (for example, boarding pass or military orders)
** Original tax invoice(s),
** Goods

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  1. I have been advised to lodge my refund request. But I cant find the site to register my claim.

    1. 1. Go to the tourist refund scheme page.
      2. Click Tourist Refund Scheme application link
      The mobile and web Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) applications (apps) allow you to store the information required to lodge a TRS claim in a Quick Response (QR) code generated by the app.

      3. Go to My TRS claim page and start your application process.

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