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Organization : Australian Border Force
Facility : TRS Making the Claim Tourist Refund Scheme
Country : Australia
Website :

ABF TRS Making the Claim

Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) Making the claim


You must
** check-in any oversized and restricted goods after they have been sighted by ABF Client services and take the invoices to the TRS Facility

** claim in person by showing your passport, boarding pass and original invoices to the TRS on the day of departure:
i. more than 30 minutes before your scheduled departure at an airport
ii. 1-4 hours before your scheduled departure at a seaport

** keep your TRS stamped invoices and claim receipt – this is evidence of a claim
** be prepared to show your goods and invoices any time you are asked by an ABF officer

Claiming Process

You might :
i. queue for more than 90 minutes
ii. have to leave the TRS Facility before you get to claim
iii. be able to show digital invoices but you need to be prepared to leave original paper invoices

iv. have to use a Drop Box
** get a claim form from an ABF officer at the TRS Facility
** complete the form with your name, address, total number of invoices submitted, refund payment option and signed declaration (failing to complete this form accurately may result in your claim being partially or wholly rejected)

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** place the white TRS copy of the form and ALL original paper invoices in the envelope provided
** electronic invoices and Quick Response (QR) codes will not be accepted when using drop box

** keep the pink copy
** write your address on the front of the envelope and place the envelope, containing your form and all invoices in the secure Drop Box

You should :
** understand the ABF officer’s decision on your TRS claim is final
** know you might not get to claim
** have read Before you buy

We will :
** stamp your invoices with a processed or rejected stamp
** issue a claim receipt with a number
** not give cash refunds

** return any original invoices we keep to you by mail if you put your correct address on the supplied envelope
** check the goods are exported

TRS Common Questions

1. I want to claim for someone else
The person who is travelling must have bought the goods and must be travelling. You cannot make a TRS claim for someone else such as partner, relative or friend.

2. You have 60 days to lodge a claim from purchase
The 60 days starts from the day after you purchased the item.

3. I have an electronic tax invoice
You can make a TRS claim with a valid electronic tax invoice. If the value of your electronic tax invoice is $1000 or more, it must contain your identity. You should be prepared and print out a copy of your electronic tax invoice in case live processing is not available..

Electronic tax invoices can only be accepted when live claim process is available. You may have to use a Drop Box form which requires paper original invoices to be submitted. Electronic invoices will not be accepted when using drop box.

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