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Organization : Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania
Facility : Internet Banking
Country : Albania
Website :

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Intesa Internet Banking

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania provides you the Internet Banking service, which allows you to effect transactions in real time, completely over the Internet, without needing to install any software on your computer.

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Internet Banking is available to both individual and corporate customers. This service gives you the ability to access your account(s) and banking information directly from your home or office computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus, giving value to your time.


Through Internet Banking you can :
** check your account(s) balance
** transfer funds (locally and abroad)
** make payments (e.g. phone bill, taxes, etc)
** review transaction details
** review information about loans, deposits, checks issued, exchange rates
** open an electronic deposit , e-deposit

How can I start using the Internet Banking ?
You can apply today for your own Internet Banking service at any of our branches.


What are the interest and terms offered by this deposit ?
The electronic deposit, e-deposit, offers preferential interest rates, higher than the ones applied for a normal Time Deposit. Hence, if you wish to manage and invest your savings profitably, you can do it by opening a number of electronic deposits of 1, 3, 6 months or 1 year.

e-deposit is offered in all main currencies :
** LEK
** USD
** EUR

Does it have a minimum ?
e-deposit is offered starting from respective amounts as follows :
1. LEK min : 100,000
2. EUR min : 1,000
3. USD min : 1,000

What should I do to invest my savings in the electronic deposit, e-deposit ?
In order to open an electronic deposit, e-deposit, you should subscribe for our Internet Banking service . Then e-deposit is available, free of charge and exclusively only for you as individual customer having or using our Internet Banking service.

User Profiles

A User Profile consists in a number of “rights” that tell Internet Banking what functions the particular User is authorized to undertake, after logging in to Internet Banking.

There are three User Profiles in Internet Banking :
** Administrator User – Bank
** Company user (valid only for companies)
** Individual user (valid only for individuals)

Accessing & Using Internet Banking

To log in to Internet Banking :
** To access our Internet Banking service go to Intesa Sanpaolo Bank’s website and click login under the Internet Banking section. The system displays the main page.
** Click on the English, Italian or the Albanian button on the same main Login page to access the Internet banking in the chosen language.

** Then, enter your USER ID, PASSWORD, then press the button of the Security Key and enter the six digits displayed in the field Security Key. Be aware that the PASSWORD is case-sensitive. Press the ‘Login’ button to proceed.

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