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Organization : Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Afghanistan – Consular Affairs
Facility : Document Verification
Country : Afghanistan
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eConsulate Document Verification

Documents verification is carried out by the Deputy Office of Documents Verification of the Directorate General of Consular Affairs of MoFA in the following five (5) sections :

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Verification Of Translated National Id Card

The verification process of a translated national ID is done by the MoFA in the following manner :
** Initially, the original National ID Card (Tazkera) shall be verified by the Population Registration Department of MoI;

** Tazkera must be translated into English by an authorized translation agency;
** The translation must be approved by the Department of Government Cases of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ);

** In the final stage the original Tazkera, copy of the original Tazkera and the copy of its English translation must be submitted to MoFA for verification
** A (200AF) document process fee will be collected.

Verification Of Deeds

(Marriage Certificate, Power Of Attorney, Inheritance And Single Status Certificate)
** Every citizen of Afghanistan shall undergo the following process to get their Marriage Certificate, Power of Attorney, Inheritance and Single Status Declaration verified

** Preparation of the original document in the Court of Documentation and Record of his/her hometown in the capital and provinces;
** Translation of the documents into English in an authorized translation agency;

** Approval of the English translation by the Department of Government Cases of MoJ;
** When presenting the documents to MoFA, the person should have the originals, their copies and the copies of the English translations; and

** Verification of the document by MoFA;
** A (200 AF) document processing fee will be collected.

Follow-Up Of Deeds And Other Attested Documents In The Diplomatic And Consulates Missions Of Afghanistan Abroad :
** A person who attests or receives a document or deed (Marriage Certificate, Power of Attorney, Inheritance, Single Status Declaration) from the Diplomatic or Consulate Missions of Afghanistan abroad, shall track his/her document based on the letter number in the Directorate General of Communication and Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and

** While referring to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, upon the receipt of assurance from arrival of the letter in Kabul, the person shall submit the letter number he/she has received from the embassy and consulate general along with the original and copy of the document for verification to the section of Verification of Foreign Documents of the Directorate General of Consular Affairs at MoFA.

** The entire attestation and verification process is free of charge

Verification Of Documents For Commercial & Pilgrimage Companies

Every commercial and pilgrimage company needs to verify the pertinent documents and permits as well as satisfy the following requirements :
** Must bring an official letter from the authority it has received the permit to the Directorate General of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

** Attach pertinent documents with an official letter and submits them to the Directorate General of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and

** Pay a Commercial Document Processing Fee of (2000AFG)
** The Document Processing Fee for Tourism and Pilgrimage companies is (1500 AFG).

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