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RCMP Firearm License Renewal Canada

Name of the Organization : Royal Canadian Mounted Police (
Type of Facility : Firearm License Renewal
Country : Canada
Website :

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RCMP Renew Firearm License

** Individuals who possess firearms or handle them in the course of their work are required, under the Firearms Act, to have a firearms licence. A firearms licence is also necessary to acquire firearms or ammunition.

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RCMP Firearm License Application Canada

** Firearms licences are generally valid for five years, and must be renewed before they expire. It’s the licence holder’s responsibility..

Canadian Firearms Program

The RCMP Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) is making every effort to facilitate the renewal of licences :
** The CFP will send a renewal notice and a partially completed renewal application form approximately 90 days before the expiry date of a licence. For this reason, the CFP needs to be notified of address changes.

** Completed renewal applications should be returned to the CFP as soon as possible to ensure the new licence is issued before the current licence expires. Complete and accurate licence applications are normally processed within 45 days.

** It is important to notify the CFP of address changes so renewal notices and other important information are sent to the correct address. This can be done online or by calling the CFP.

** If a licence is about to expire but a renewal application form has not been received, an application form (RCMP 5614) can be downloaded from the CFP website here, or obtained by calling the CFP.

Renewal Advantages & Exception

Advantages to renewing a licence before it expires include :
** The CFP uses a streamlined process for renewals, whereas a longer process is used for individuals who do not have a licence or whose licence has expired.

** Those who renew avoid the risk of having their registration certificates revoked and permanently losing their grandfathered privileges for any prohibited firearms they possess.
** The risk of penalties for unlawful possession of firearms can be avoided.

** A Possession Only Licence (POL) is available only as a renewal of an existing licence. If a POL is not renewed on time, the licensee must obtain a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL), including meeting safety training, if they want to continue owning or using firearms.

Exception :
Until May 16, 2015, those who (a) still possess restricted or non-restricted firearms and (b) have not been prohibited from possession, are eligible to apply for a new POL to replace an expired POL. Eligible applicants can obtain an application form by contacting the CFP.

Renewal Fees

The fee payable by an individual for the issuance or renewal of a PAL is $60 for non-restricted firearms only, and $80 for any combination of non-restricted, restricted, or prohibited firearms.

Information :
For more information, contact the CFP.

Note :
This fact sheet is intended to provide general information only. For legal references, please refer to the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act and their corresponding regulations. Provincial, territorial and municipal laws, regulations and policies may also apply.

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  1. Is there a specific size for the photo that is to be sent in?

  2. Jean Marie Gerald Theriault

    It is time to renew my gun license.
    I do not look at this license every day so checking the expiry date was not done. I get this letter today stating that my gun license is due for renewal and that the price for renewal is going up March 31, 2020.
    Now I have to pay the price increase. Why was it not sent sooner?
    Now for this site. It sucks.

  3. Whoever made this site up did a terrible job. Very confusing

  4. this site is BS

  5. Deborah L. Lefebvre

    I just now completed by renewal, wondering if I did it correctely.

    1. Richard Michael Babyak

      I mailed license renewal on or about March 16th and not received license as of
      April 9/20. How do I find out when I will receive the license.

  6. where is the form to renew my lic

  7. worst site ever, now i know why criminals get guns without registering

  8. Brutal RCMP Website

    Worst site ever, cant simply print PDF forms to fill out and mail to RCMP, go figure. Time to renew your website to the 20th century!!!!!!

    1. yes how do we do this

  9. Worst sight ever.

  10. This whole web site is TERRIBLE.

  11. moving out of my dads house, can i leave my guns there?

  12. After reading a number of negative comments I decided to phone, the Lady that took my call was very friendly and mailed an app for renewal. I received the forms in about 2 weeks, filled them out and mailed back on Oct.24. Received License Nov.19. My experience was very good.

  13. I am at a place in northern Saskatchewan where there is no phone service …but I have WI Fi
    I need someone to help me with filling out the application
    this is as far as i can go I do not know how to go any further
    my time is limited here in a hour I have to be at work ..and then I am out of time to renew my firearms licence

  14. my husband Gary Richardson wanted to check and see if you had received his renewal His no. is 2507257

  15. My application has not resulted in a new license as yet, Charge to my c/c went through in late June.

  16. I did not get any forms from your office. I went online and got them. I filled them out in April. Where is my PAL?

  17. I applied in early April for my renewal still do not have it. This system needs to be upgraded. What will happen when it expires? I have done all you ask of me. Time is running out. It will be your fault not mine if I am without my P.A .L.

  18. Cheque was cashed in March of 2019 but I have not got my new licence. When will I get the licence? My licence number is 11206335.

  19. My PAL# is 128055560001. I have not received my new license. My cheque was cashed on May 9/2019. Can someone let me know when I will receive it?

  20. I renewed my application on February 20th and still have not received my new license. You did cash my check, so where the hell is my license.

  21. Forms cannot download from your site as of June 24/19.

  22. How do I get information as to the status of my firearms application submitted all the paper work back in January and have not heard a word. I have tried calling but I am on hold 30 mins at a time.

  23. In order to avoid breaking the law we have to renew our licence before 5 year anniversary birthday. RCMP should also be required to provide the renewal in a timely manner with the same guideline otherwise they are making us criminals. Judging by the comments on this page I am not the only one frustrated with no faith in our police.

  24. Wanting to know the status of my firearm licence renewal. It was submitted around the beginning of May or end of April.

    1. I want to know the status of my firearms renewal. One was submitted last year, December and another one, June 2019 but no reply. My licence number is 11370307.

  25. Telephone service is useless. website is the same. Applied for my renewal months ago. No answer but you cashed my cheque. Typical govt/Mountie operation that it makes so hard to find out anything that people give up but that is the aim of it after all.

  26. I am inquiring about the status of my Canadian gun license renewal. I have sent you all the necessary info regarding renewal but haven’t heard anything back from you. My application ID is 10-0081886341-05. I mailed my criminal background check on March 21.

  27. I am a very responsible gun owner and I have to say that renewing my licence was huge ordeal! I tried to do it online but wasn’t computer savy enough to get it done. I downloaded the form, drove an hour to Drumheller to get a proper picture taken (I wasn’t taking any chances), and mailed everything off including my check. Two months later, I had to call and find out where my new license was. I was informed that they were experiencing “technical difficulties” and I would have to wait at least two more weeks. Meanwhile, I cant buy ammunition! If I experienced “technical difficulties” and was unable to apply before the deadline, there would have been NO leeway given to me! This is a very unprofessional system and the gal I talked to on the phone wasn’t very helpful (as a matter of fact, she was downright indifferent to my situation- TOO BAD, SO SAD) It certainly doesn’t give me any incentive to stay within the rules. Since I don’t plan on buying anymore firearms, the next time my license needs to be renewed, I may just let it expire and get someone to buy my ammo for me! Respect is a two way street! If you want gun owners to respect the system and abide by the rules maybe you should start treating us with the respect that we’ve earned.

    1. J.P. De Grandmont

      Fully agree with your comments. I can’t even access their advertised web page. I have seldom seen such an incompetent and user-unfriendly web site as the one they advertise for Licence Renewal. I even tried to call them at 1-800-731-4000 extension 8870. After listening to their long preamble (dial 1- dial 2 etc…) the line was cut off. Their threats for not renewing the firearms licence is the only clear information provided. Gun owners are not criminals. Criminal do not licence their guns. What an uncivilized and insulting way to deal with the public! The RCMP have lost many feathers over the years. Their reputation and competence seems to be on a constantly downward path and the organization appears to be indifferent. The RCMP shows no shame or willingness to improve.

  28. This is the worst site in history unless you are a technical genius. Go figure most RCMP officers cannot put one foot in front of each other. Never mind design a website. Cannot even print the filled in application. It just puts you to a PDF site where they want money.

  29. Clarify that, Do we have to pay this year for renewal?

    1. My renewal was supposed to last fall, but just received notification three days ago and stayed on the phone for over an hour, before I gave up. Also why do you have to pay renewal at all? I have already paid for my gun $60.00. If I keep paying $60.00 every few years I might as well destroy it. It is only a keep sake anyway. I haven’t shot it in over 20 years. This is what I get for being a responsible citizen.

  30. I have applied for firearms. How do I check the status of my firearms application?

  31. I need to know my Firearms license number because I have to renew it. My Date of Birth is 5th April 1964.

  32. Site is useless. Government needs to concentrate on useful.

  33. Applied June 15/18. Contacted BC CFO Sept 15 to see if there was an issue. Needed proof of my gun club membership. Sent electronically that day. Since then, nothing. Thought I was a special case. Apparently not. The most annoying part is that while you are on hold, the lovely,lovely muzak is interrupted (praise the Lord), by a recorded voice saying “Thank you for being a responsible firearms owner.” About 75 times. Get Bent!

  34. I have accessed your website to try and renew my firearms license. I don’t understand how to use it. When I try to I am directed to other websites that are irrelevant. What do I do? This website you provided appears to be unusable. Please advise.

    1. These web sites are completely confusing, how on earth do I renew my gun licence?

  35. I never received a renewal notice, been at same location for 8 years.

  36. My PAL licence ID is 11632526003. I have sent my renewal application back in October. How can I check the status of my renewal application?

    1. Trying to check on the status of my PAL Licence Renewal but not found. Transaction ID is 10-0081205519-05.

  37. Gordon Morrios Pullan

    I no longer have handguns. The phone number in your Renewal Notice just offers me a free trip for answering 3 questions.

  38. Let me know, should I mail my renewal papers while the mail strike is still going on?

  39. I responded to your earlier reminder of 18.02.01 on 18.03.23 explaining all firearms in my possession under licence 10507393 had been passed to, Paul Switzer’s Auction 16.10.21. The necessary papers were completed, and the firearms, licence 10507393, were sold at auction December, 2016. Appreciate the difficulty and time restraints, and will send a copy of my earlier letter in event it might be helpful.

  40. I did not receive a renewal notice and now my license has expired. Will renewal be a problem?

  41. This is my first time trying to renew my Licence #12694163. I do not spend much time with technology and if this is any indicator, I suspect I will not be spending much time hunting either. I think I will go to the RCMP and have them show me how easy it is to renew.

  42. My licence ID is #103251460003 and it is expired on September 10 2018, I applied to have it renewed in May 2018 which took weeks to get the form, I tried to get it on the web no luck so, I phoned the #1-800-731-4000, 4-6 times a day for over a week but no luck, finally I ignored the extension numbers and used 0, I got someone to talk to he could not understand why I could not get through, so he sent me a form by mail and I filled it out and sent it in by mail, have not heard nothing. I have been trying to get a hold of someone but no luck. So can I go a big game hunting legally to buy licence etc? Please let me know.

  43. Days spent trying to reach “a person” on the phone at Firearms centre, too busy to even put you on hold. Trying to accomplish a simple change of address request is proving to be an exercise in extreme frustration and the onus is on me. You cant take away every human aspect of a process and then set up an unworkable electronic waste of time and then say the onus is on the gun owner. A similar situation to what I have experienced in the Federal Govt’s Phoenix Pay System debacle. For the record, this new “Self Help” system of doing business completely fails on all fronts. It is a dis-service to all tax paying, law abiding citizens and needs to be addressed so we don’t unwittingly fall into an infraction through no reason other than not being able to make meaningful contact with a person. In order to comply with the burdens you place on the public.

  44. Clearly the RCMP are totally incompetent (or) simply going out of there way to make it difficult for legitimate gun owners to comply with the law. I applied to renew my license on September 13/18 electronically and about 6 weeks later on September 26/18. I get a letter asking for confirmation that I am a member of a gun club. If they need that information, why don’t they just ask for it at the time I submitted the application. To make it more difficult, the letter that asks for the confirmation requests that I submit it by mail for fax rather than providing a e-mail address. No wonder gun owners are frustrated.

  45. My PAL #11834654 expires in November. Please send me an application for renewal ASAP.

    Tried to renew my PAL on-line- Hopeless???
    Tried to print renewal application – Hopeless???
    Tried to call customer service number to have application mailed – Hopeless??
    Nobody available?? Can’t even leave a phone message??

  46. My firearms license is #11023589. I have spent 2 hours trying to find a printable copy of the renewal. I don’t know where to find one to send in the mail. I don’t want my private info going on my computer.

  47. My Licence # 10588960 will be expired on Nov 02, 2018. I have now spent two secessions in front of my computer. I have never seen such a mess. They are asking for Usernames and Passwords and I got all the check marks marked with a Green check mark and still no access to the site. I am going to print off and send by old fashion mail. Forms should be sent out with the renewal notice.

  48. I am trying to renew my Firearm application number 0077692851, having a hard time trying to navigate threw the web calling. I have been trying for over 11 days, very discouraging. Why are you guys making this process so dam hard, please get back to me.

    1. I am trying to renew my Firearms licence without much success. My number is 11394727. I would like a renewal form RCMP 5614.

  49. I applied to renew my license #10320873 in May 2018 and have not heard anything back.

  50. I ave applied for renewal weeks ago and have heard nothing yet. License number is #11730812 and my deadline renewal date is in a few days.

  51. Just went through the pal renewal process online. I have to say finding the right areas was NOT a user friendly process. The suggestion to go to “web services for individuals” didn’t help as I couldn’t find that title anywhere. As this service might be used by large numbers of seniors who might not be very computer literate, It should be made VERY SIMPLE and easy to navigate. I did not find this to be the case. It was initially quite daunting to figure out how to initiate the process. You need to subscribe to the KISS policy “Keep It Simple Stupid”. My 2 cents anyway.

  52. I tried to reach you by phone but you have not answered for 3 days. I need my renewal form early as I will be out of country for 5 months, permit number is 104540810004. Please mail asap.

  53. I would like to renew my licence, that is 10769113, which I received on August 2, 2018 and Expiry date is November 20, 2018.


  55. I would like to renew my firearms licence #10707575.0003, I did not receive a renewal form. I have tried to get through on the phone but gave up due to the long wait. Is there an office close to Oakville Ont? that I can visit to get this renewal started.

  56. The Licence renewal application should be accessible to print off rather than having to request an application, I don’t understand the rationale behind such a process.

  57. My licence number is 103166570002. I am unable to renew online. Please mail me a hard copy form to my home address. The same address the notice of renewal was sent. It would have been easier to send it with the renewal request. This is becoming another money drain just like the gun registry. I suppose it creates jobs in Miramichi NB and their man in Ottawa.

    1. Still waiting for a hard copy (September 19 2018), need it asap as expires in Early October. This comment for Ryan Thomas 103166570002 was sent several weeks ago. I use cash and credit cards but not Paypal. Can I use a credit card instead?

  58. I want to renew my firearm licence online. I am unable to locate “Web Services for Individuals”. Could I have some assistance, please?

  59. I applied for my renewal a while ago. I have not received my license yet, wondering what happened.

    1. I have applied for renewal and would like to know the status of my application please. I applied in June and have not heard anything. My licence number is 12690497.

  60. I have just received my license renewal letter. It shows a date of May 3, 2018. I tried to download forms but, no luck. My license number is 119697320003. Can I go to a Service Canada location and file there? I would like a brief answer.

    1. I am sorry but this site is very confusing and keeps forwarding me to external sites having nothing to do with renewal License. My license expires on March 28th, 2019.

  61. I cannot fill out the form online. It wouldn’t accept a file (or) something. Could you please send me a paper form to fill out? Licence number is 11478004.0003.

  62. My anti malware software blocks me to access the online form so, kindly send me the paper application.

  63. I need to know the status of my renewal application.

  64. I need to renew my PAL license at RCMP station.

    1. Information available from the Official Website :

      You also have the option to print a renewal form (RCMP 5614) from the website and send it through regular mail. If you do not have internet access call 1-800-731-4000 and request a form be sent to you by regular mail.

      The application should be completed and returned as quickly as possible to enable it to be processed before your current licence expires.

  65. My PAL license is 11262562. When will I receive the renewal license?

    1. Information available from the Official Website :

      The fastest method to return your application is to renew online using Individual Web Services. Your application will be acknowledged immediately upon submission.

  66. Mohamed Abouelela Kamel

    My fire arm License is #10013659.0003. Can you please let me know when I will receive it?

  67. R recent application no. 10-0067085025-05 dated August5,2015. I will not require a PAL license. I wish to simply renew my POL license no. 11161837. I expect that the information and picture sent with my PAL application should suffice. If not, please email me the necessary forms and advise if another picture is required.

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