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Organization : Department of Revenue & Customs
Facility : Track Application Status
Country : Bhutan
Website :
Track Here :

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Track Application Status :

You can track the status of all your application in two modes.

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1. Draft Application :
** Click on the Track Application Link.
** Select My draft application option

** Provide your CID number for PIT, licence number for BIT and Company Registration Number for CIT in the field provided.
** Click Search button to view your draft application.
** You can edit and submit application by clicking on the draft Application.

2. Submitted Application :
** You will receive your Application Reference Number (ARN) via E-mail when you submit the application.
** Click on the Track Application link.

** Select My Submitted Application option (it is selected by default).
** Provide your ARN in the field provided.
** Click Search button to view your application status.

Request for Tax Clearance Certificate :
** Login to RAMIS
** Click Request for Tax Clearance Certificate
** Select the income period.
** Select the purpose for your tax clearance certificate.
** Select the type of certificate
** Click Save

Tracking new Taxpayer Number (TPN) for registered Taxpayers :
** Use your CID and date of birth in the TPN Search engine in the web portal.
** Use your new TPN as the user id and password to log into the RAMIS.
** For CIT payers, contact the RRCO of Registration for your user id and password.

** After you login, you must immediately change your password for security reasons.
** PIT/BIT and CIT payers must update your registration details and submit online to the concerned RRCO for amendment.

** After amending the registration details, you can start filing your tax returns online using RAMIS.
** For BIT filers, remember to switch your profile before filing the tax returns.

** Registered taxpayers who could not track your new TPN must registered fresh. Make sure you choose the same RRCO where you were previously registered.

Password Reset Contact Officials :
Please include your :
1. CID,
2. Name and
3. TPN in your email.
Note : We would recommend all the taxpayers (PIT, CIT and Sales Tax) to use forgot password option in RAMIS.

Responsibilities of a withholding Agency are :
The withholding agency shall be responsible for the following (Section 19, Chapter 3, General Provisions of the Income Tax Act, 2001) :
a. Deduct tax at source;

b. Deposit the tax deducted on the due date;
c. Submit information as per the requirement of the department and;
d. Issue TDS certificate as per Annexure V of this booklet.

Responsibilities of a taxpayer are :
** Inform the tax authorities if the withholding agency has not deducted TDS or the deduction is lower than the rate prescribed.
** Inform the tax authorities of the income earned and the amount of tax deducted at source, if any. (Section 20, Chapter 3, General Provisions of the Income Tax Act, 2001).

** Inform the tax authorities within 3 months from the date of receipt of net payment of the bill amount if the TDS certificate is not issued or has issued an incomplete certificate.

Furnish the following details to the tax authority in order to take timely measures :
** Name of the withholding agency
** Name and designation of the dealing official

** Contact number
** Bill number and bill date
** Net payment cheque no. and cheque date.

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