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Organization : Department of Revenue & Customs
Facility : How to file TDS
Country : Bhutan

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How to file TDS :

** Login to RAMIS
** For BIT registered taxpayers, Click switch profile.

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** Select BIT unit and click Switch Profile.
** Click Return and Assessment link.

** Taxpayer will be able to see two types of TDS filing option :
1. Ad Hoc TDS
a. Withholding agency can submit and deposit all types of TDS for any period.

2. Scheduled TDS
a. Withholding agency can deposit only TDS on salary on a monthly basis.
b. System will auto generate a message to file TDS on Salary on a monthly basis.

** Based on the type of TDS you wish to deposit, click on Ad Hoc TDS or Scheduled TDS.
** Input the withholding agency code and proceed.
** Enter the date, month, and year for which TDS amount is being deposited.

** Choose the income source for which the TDS amount is being deposited. Please note that TDS can be deposited income source wise only. You can either download the forms or click on ‘enter data’ manually. All the details in the TDS form need to be filled.

** If the TDS form has been downloaded, fill in all details and upload online. Please note that New TPN is mandatory in all the TDS forms.

** Check the disclaimer box and click on the generate demand notice button. Demand number will be generated. Demand notice details can viewed by clicking on the ‘show demand notice’ button. This can be taken as a print copy.

** Now, follow the instruction given in ‘How to make payment’ to deposit your amount.

** Once the TDS amount is collected, taxpayer will be able to view the TDS credit available against them from their own login. Withholding agency can also view their TDS deposited details through their primary login.

Make Payment :
There are three ways by which you can make your tax payment
1. Deposit at any Regional Revenue and Customs Office
** Walk-in to the cash counter .
** Provide your demand number which you have received after return filing or assessment

** The official at the cash counter will give you the money receipt after your payment has been made.

2. Direct deposit at the bank counter (BoB)
** Login to your RAMIS account.
** Go to the payment collection window
** Filter your payment details with the demand number.

** Generate a payment voucher. The voucher have a validity of one day only.
** Print the payment voucher and take it with you.
** Walk-in to the bank counter

** Fill up your bank’s deposit slip.
** Please input the proper DRC’s Account Number in the deposit slip which is also reflected in the payment voucher.

** Attached the voucher and submit them to the bank officials in the counter.
** Obtain your deposit acknowledgement slip.

3. Internet Banking (BoB)
Note : Internet banking is best viewed on Internet Explorer.
** Login to your RAMIS account.
** Go to the payment collection window.

** Filter your payment details with the demand number.
** Generate a payment voucher. The voucher have a validity of one day only.
** Click on the link Online Payment which will take you to Internet Banking page of BoB

** Proceed with your internet banking credentials issued to you by the bank
** Your tax payment details are automatically populated in the fund transfer page.
** Check the details are correct.

** Proceed with the payment confirmation
** Make sure your fund transfer is approved by the bank

In case your payment voucher expires
** Generate the voucher again.
** Fines and penalties will be calculated if the payment due dates are lapsed.

Note : For direct deposit with the bank or online payment, your payments are confirmed only after the reconciliation of payments between DRC and Bank.

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