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Organization : Road Safety and Transport Authority
Facility : View Application Status
Country : Bhutan
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View Application Status :

Please enter the following details,
1. Enter Application Number*
2. Enter CID Number

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Common Procedures :
I. To identify the transactions for which the online payment is being made, the following information is required for verification. After successful verification, use the One Time Password (OTP) token as authentication for making payment.

II. One Time Password will be the authentication token, to proceed for making payment.The Mobile Number registered in the Banks will be used for sending the OTP for making payment for all RSTA services.

However to change the contact details of the vehicle owner or driving license holder, the mobile number registered in the eRaLIS shall be used for sending the OTP.

III. Select RSTA Office location,from the Regional Office and or Base office dropdown,where the application will be submitted.The application will be processed from the RSTA Office that has been selected.

Later if there is any documents to be collected, it must be collected from that RSTA office only. (Reference).

IV. For every online transactions, give the correct account number of the bank that has been selected.(Reference).
V. For any online payment made, payment acknowledgement must be kept for references. (Reference)

VI. Use View Application Status link to check the application status. (Reference). Three working days will be taken to process the transactions.

VII. Use the ToolTip which is in every data entry text box, as a guide on the standard format for entering the Client ID, License number, vehicle number and TIN number. (Reference).

VIII. Except for renewal of learner license,renewal of registration certificates and replacement of driving license , clients must submit a passport size picture for all other transactions (learner license replacement, license renewal, replacement of vehicle registration certificates) to the RSTA office where the online payment has been made.

IX. Fees

FAQs :
1. How do I process for Learners Driving License?
Procedure for obtaining a Learner License may require the applicant to :
a) be 17 years of age or more;
b) produce Citizenship Identity Card or other accepted identification documents for Bhutanese Nationals, and passport or other identification cards in case of foreigners;

c) bring along a latest passport-size photograph in national dress for Bhutanese;
d) produce a medical screening certificate duly signed by a Medical Personnel within the country;
e) FIll in the application form

f) Validity of a learner license : A learner license is a valid for one year after the date of issue or when a driver license which authorizes the person to drive such a motor vehicle is issued to the person whichever occurs first.

2. How do I get Additional Drive Types of a driving License?
(Variation/endorsement of driving license)
The Authority may require an applicant for renewal or variation as applicable to :
1) fill in an application form;
2) provide any additional information (including any evidence that the Authority may reasonably require as to those particulars);

3) undergo any test which the Authority may require for license variation;
4) provide one recent passport size photograph; and
5) pay fee as per Schedule1.

6) Exemption from requirement for a Bhutan driving license . The Authority may exempt a person from obtaining a driving license for a period of three months if the person

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