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Organization : Road Safety and Transport Authority
Facility : Change Your Contact Address/Mobile Number
Country : Bhutan
Website :
Change Here :

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Change Your Contact Address :

Please enter the below details to change your personal details,
1. Enter Client Identification Number (CIN)
2. Enter Date of Birth

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3. Click on the Search button

Steps :
Step 1 : Use Change your contact Address/Mobile number link to change and or update the contact address. (Reference). Unless all the personal information is updated, eRaLIS will restrict clients from availing other online services.

NOTE : Your Client ID number (example CID number) and DoB record are those of the census record and RSTA cannot edit these records.

However if your registered mobile number is incorrect as recorded in RSTA, you won’t receive the One Time Password through SMS. In such cases,contact RSTA officials to first update your mobile number.

Step 2
: Use the Client ID number and date of birth, as reflected in the vehicle/license documents , to search the personal details.

Step 3 : Use the One Time Password ,for authentication to update the
A. Contact address
B. email address and
C. mobile number

Step 4 : Before saving the updated information, you must declare that the information provided is correct and true.For false information, you are liable for legal action as per RSTA rules and regulations.

FAQs :
How to process for replacement of vehicle registration certificate?
Step 1 : Use the vehicle number and vehicle type as reflected in the registration certificate to process for duplicate registration certificate.

Step 2
: Select RSTA Office location,from the Regional Office and or Base office dropdown,where the application will be submitted.The application will be processed from the RSTA Office that has been selected. Nu.500/- will be charged for the replacement of registration certificate.

Step 3
: Select the Bank from where the payment will be made and use correct account number to make payment.Use the OTP token for authentication.
Step 4 : Keep soft copy and the printed copy of the payment acknowledgement for reference .

Step 5
: Visit the RSTA Office where the application has been submitted along with a passport size picture to collect the registration certificate, within three working days from the payment date.

Note : After successful payment transactions, the vehicle replacement will be updated in the eRaLIS.

How and When is Road Worthiness Test(RWT)/Vehicle Fitness Test Conducted?
The Vehicle fitness test must be done before or on the date of expiry (which is the same with the Vehicle renewal date). Failing to renew on or before expiry date shall be imposed a penalty of Nu.50 per day.

Vehicle fitness is considered to be one of most important work of the Transport Authority to insure that the car is safe to drive and is in good condition to run with out any problem for both self and other road users.

RC Renewal and Motor Vehicle Fitness fee. Commercial Vehicles Like Taxi, Passenger busses, Heavy vehicle and Medium Vehicle shall have to conduct RWT in a six monthly basis.

How do I process for replacement of registration certificate in case of loss of RC?
1. The owner of the vehicle must write an application addressed to Traffic Police for replacement. Police shall then verify the case and forward it to RSTA.
2. RSTA shall then issue new RC after payment of NU.500/-.

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