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Organization : Intellectual Property Agency
Facility : Trade Mark Search
Country : Armenia
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Trade Mark Search :

Please enter the following details to search the Trade Mark details, Search fields should be completed in Armenian. “Mark” and ” Holder ” fields also may be completed in English.

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Industrial Designs :
International Registration of Industrial Designs :
How to protect your design abroad/internationally ?
** You may want to register your design outside of Armenia, to obtain protection in the whole of the European Union (EU), as well as in other countries outside the EU or even beyond. The Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs provides a centralized registration system where you can e-file up to 100 designs and target over 60 territories in one single application that you could use to claim priority in further filings.

** Armenia is a Member of the 1999 (Geneva) Act of the Hague Agreement. Any individual or business in Armenia can file an international application under the Hague System. For more information on filing an international application, geographical coverage and fees, and to get started, please go to

Appellations of Origin of Goods :
Registration Number : 5
Application Number : 2010003
Date of Filing the Application : 29.12.2010
Date of Appellation Registration : 23.03.2012
Published Appellation : PARMIGIANO REGGIANO
ICGS : 29
Type of Good or Specific Product : Cheese
Country of Origin : IT
Description of Product Special Quality :
** Average fatness cheese, which is derived from milk thermal processing and slow maturation (from 12 up to 36 months), one kg of cheese production, requires 16 liters of milk.

Shape : The cheese is cylindrical, with almost straight or slightly convex lateral surface, the upper and lower surfaces being flat, with slightly rounded edges.
Size : diameter 35-45cm, lateral surface height 18-24cm,

Minimum Weight Of Item : 24KG,
Appearance : dark colour and fat layer,
Colour Of Cheese Dough : varies from light yellow until straw-colored dark yellow

Characteristic Flavor And Odour Of Cheese Dough : aromatic, gentle, pleasant, mild taste.
Structure Of Cheese Dough : small granular scaly broken, weakly noticeable small balls,
Shell Thickness : 6 mm
Solids Fat Content : not more than 32%.

About Us :
The national system of intellectual property protection in Armenia started by the establishment of the Patent Office Under the Government of the Republic of Armenia in January 1992 and the National Agency of Copyright in December 1993.

Later, in 2002, the Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Armenia was established by merger of the two organizations, which has the status of separate division acting within the Ministry of Economic Development and Investment of the Republic of Armenia.

In the same year the Government of the Republic of Armenia adopted the statutes and the structure of the Agency. At present the legal field of intellectual property is regulated by laws and legal acts as well as the international agreements of the Republic of Armenia.

Contact Us :
Intellectual Property Agency
Republic Square,
Government House 3, 0010 Yerevan,
Republic of Armenia
Fax: (374 10) 543-467
E-mail: armpat AT

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