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Organization : Republic of Armenia Tax Service
Facility : Taxpayers Search System
Country : Armenia
Website :

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Taxpayer Search System :

The system provides information on the taxpayer state registration (record). By choosing “Search by TIN” from search options and filling the taxpayer registration number in the corresponding field, the system will display the data on the searched taxpayer.

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If the “Search by name” option is used, the system will display the list of taxpayers, which is possible to filter and classify by the data on taxpayers by entering the organization title or its separate part. (The information will be displayed only in Armenian)

Code Of Conduct For Tax Officer :
1. This code defines the code of conduct of tax officer during and after the performance of official duties.

2. Tax officer code of conduct (hereinafter – code of conduct) is the norms regulating tax officer behavior, conduct, the peculiarities of the relations, based on principles of universal morality and in correspondence with the RA law “On tax service”, proceedings of the tax service authority of the Republic of Armenia (hereinafter – tax service authority).

3. The aim of the code of conduct is to guide the tax officer in his conduct, also to inform the citizens about what behavior to expect from the tax officer.

4. The tax officer is obliged to
a) Reveal entire loyalty and devotion to the Republic of Armenia, respect the Republic of Armenia symbol (flag, emblem, and hymn) and the state language;

b) Fulfill the requirements of Constitution, laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Armenia;
c) Not oppose to the policy conducted by state structures and authorities publicly;

d) Decline from the actions that may interfere the works of state structure or discredit or disgrace the state structure, the reputation and title of tax officer;
e) Be conducted by moral norms based on principles of humanity, justice and honesty;
f) Respect human dignity regardless his nationality, race, gender, language, liturgy, political or other views, social origin, position, property or other situation;

g) Be fair, impartial, self-restrained and exemplary;
h) Not emphasize his position without any need;
i) Not show cowardice or inappropriate emotions, be even-tempered in non-standard and emergency situations

j) Be disciplined, truthful, treat the interests of the society and the state higher than his personal interests, and be fully devoted to his work;
k) Promote to the formation and maintenance of society faith and belief, that the tax service is based on the concept of impartiality, honesty and effectiveness;
l) Be polite with the taxpayers, the colleagues, the subordinates and the management;

m) Avoid from any type of protectionism, mediation, support, consulting, which may interfere the implementation of tax legislation requirements, use only moral means to achieve the goal during the service;

n) Not make himself dependent on any person by his behavior;
o) Avoid giving inappropriate promises, appreciating the value and importance of his word, the possible negative consequences of the given promise;

p) Ensure the protection of human and citizen rights and legal interests;
q) Within his competence and by the process provides by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia consider propositions, applications and complaints of taxpayers (citizens) in time and properly;

r) Within his competences organize the appointment with citizens and provide necessary information, give instructions and explanations;
s) Respect other rules of ethics provided by moral norms, by being guided by the sense of honor, conscience, and dignity:

5. The order of this code of conduct does not emphasize their priority.
6. If a tax officer hesitates about his behavior in certain situations he must apply to his immediate chief. The immediate chief of tax officer takes measures as far as possible so that it could be easy for his employees the maintenance of present Code of Conduct.

About Us :
Within the framework of the powers stipulated by the Law of the Republic of Armenia “On tax service” the tax body is called to conduct effective tax control and activities aimed at preventing and finding breaches of tax legislation, as well as to train tax officers and taxpayers.

Within the framework of the above the tax body’s mission is to set tax body’s role as public authority and to show the society’s expectations as to how the role should be carried out.

Contact Us :
Republic of Armenia Tax Service,
0015, Movses Khorenatsi,

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