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Organization : Republic Bank Limited
Facility : TeleBanker Service
Country : Guyana
Website :

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TeleBanker Service :

Republic TeleBanker makes managing your accounts and paying your bills easy and safe from the convenience of your home via a touch-tone telephone even your cellular.

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Just call 225-BANK or 226-TELE for instant up-to-date information on your accounts.

Features & Benefits :
If you maintain an account at Republic Bank, you can enjoy the convenience of banking by touch-tone telephone even your cellular with Republic TeleBanker, from any location.

No more time consuming trips to the Bank or standing in line. Simply pick up the nearest touch-tone telephone, skip the line and bank at your convenience, day, night or on weekends.

Republic TeleBanker facility offers :
** Balance Inquiry
** Transaction Inquiry
** To apply for a loan by phone

** Rates and Services
** To transfer funds
** To make bill payments

** To rate this service
** To change your Phone-in PIN
** To end at anytime

The following bills can be paid using this service :
** Courts Guyana
** Demerara Mutual Fire Insurance
** Demerara Mutual Life Insurance

** Demerara Mutual Health Insurance
** Digicel
** E-Networks

** Guyana Power and Light
** GTT Phone
** GTT Cellular

** Guyana Water Inc.
** GTM Fire

** GTM Life
** GTM Health
** Lucky Dollar
** Guyana Revenue Authority

What equipment do you need to access Republic TeleBanker?
You need a touch-tone telephone, landline or cellular and your Republic VISA OneCard to access this service.

What is the cost?
GY$25 for every bill payment effected.

How it Works :
Firstly to apply for this service :
To register for this service, please visit your nearest Republic Bank Branch to completed the application form. You will need to walk along with your ID card or valid Passport and any of the above mentioned bills you wish to register. It’s that easy!

Your application will be processed same day and your assigned default PIN is 1234. A demonstration of how to use this service is provided to you when you sign up for this service.

You will be required to change this default PIN to one of your choice. Please see the steps outlined below to complete this :
** Using a Touch-tone telephone, dial 225-BANK or 226-TELE

** If you are using the Republic VISA OneCard, enter all sixteen (16) digits of your card followed by the Number key (#)
** Enter your default PIN – 1234 followed by the Number key (#)

** Change the Phone-in PIN by entering your new Phone-in PIN followed by the Number key (#)
** Re-enter your new Phone-in PIN then press the Number key (#)

Secondly, after this has been completed, you can follow the step by step voice prompts to complete another transaction for example:
To make a Bill Payment to GT&T for GY$2,000 from your Savings Account:

Instruction Your response
Choose the Account to Pay from:
1 for Chequing 2 for Savings 3 for other
Press 2
Choose the Merchant to Pay Press the digit that corresponds with GT&T Cellular
Enter the amount including two zeros for decimals followed by the Number Key (#) Press 200000 (#)
Select 1 to review your Bill payment
2 to submit your Bill payment
3 to change your Bill payment
4 to cancel your Bill paymetn
Press 1 and if correct, then Press 2
Your transaction confirmation number is Record you transaction confirmation number on your bill and then hang up or Press the Star Key *

Simply complete and submit the Republic TeleBanker Application Form and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your needs.

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