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Apply for Make it Happen Loan Guyana : Republic Bank

Organization : Republic Bank Limited
Facility : Apply for Make it Happen Loan
Country : Guyana
Website :
Apply Here :

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Apply Make it Happen Loan :

Loan for all the things you want in life. Every stage of life is marked by milestones events and achievements.

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The key to progressing from one milestone to the other is having access to the tools that will help you reach your goals- to keep you moving successfully to the next stage of life.

At Republic Bank we have created our MAKE IT HAPPEN LOANS to take you through each stage of life, as we aim to assist you with the funds you need for the things you want to do.

How Will I Benefit If I Take A Make It Happen Loan From Republic Bank?
** Convenience – access to the widest network of branches and ABMs locally
** Flexibility in amount and timing of payments to coincide with salary.
** Quick decisions.

** Free Auto Transfers on savings or chequing accounts for loan payments.
** Most affordable interest rates.
** Monthly installments tailored to meet your ability to repay.

** Refinancing and consolidation of debts available.
** Group Life Insurance coverage available at minimal costs (Also available to Co-Borrowers).

** Ability to borrow against your deposits at more attractive rates.
** Establishment of a good credit rating once your loan is properly serviced

What you will need :
Before visiting our branches, ensure you have the following documents :
New Borrowers?
** Two (2) forms of identification
** A current Job Letter
** A recent payslip
** A recent Utility Bill

Existing Borrowers
** A recent payslip
** A recent Utility Bill

FAQs :
1. What is a loan?
By definition, a loan is an arrangement in which a lender like us gives money to you our customer, and you agree to repay the money, along with interest, at some future point(s) in time.

2. Why would I need a loan?
Let’s say you would like to make a purchase and you do not have the full amount of the purchase price in cash.

You can borrow money from us at Republic Bank and sign a loan agreement, which outlines the following :
** Your monthly installment

** The interest that will be applied to your loan
** The period over which you will repay the loan
** The collateral, if any, that you have pledged to secure the loan.

3. Why Would I Take A Loan When I Already Have The Money?
It’s simple. So you can keep your savings and investments growing while you continue to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Perhaps an example will help. Let’s say you have $5,000 in one of Republic Bank’s SUITE OF SAVINGS accounts.

It’s back to school time for your children and you need money to get them ready. Instead of depleting your savings, it may be a good idea to leave your money in that account and take a loan for the things you need to do.

4. What About Monthly Installments?
When you’re completing your application, your Sales Officer will assist you in determining the terms that best suit your financial needs.

Use our Loan Calculator to help you determine :
** How much you can afford to borrow
** What your monthly payment will be

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