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RepublicOnline Service Guyana : Republic Bank

Organization : Republic Bank Limited
Facility : RepublicOnline Service
Country : Guyana
Website :
Login Here :

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RepublicOnline Service :

RepublicOnline is FREE with industry-leading security features. RepublicOnline gives you another great and secure way of accessing your accounts at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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RepublicOnline facility offers :
** Check transaction history on their accounts
** Transfer funds between listed Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited accounts

** Third party transfers to Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited accounts
** Schedule payments and transfers
** Pay utility bills

** View and print statements on all Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited accounts, including credit and VTM cards held in their name (which would have been registered previously)

** Make credit card payments from named Republic Bank accounts
** Place stop payment on cheques
** Check account and credit card balances

** Reload VTM cards
** Secure, easy and relevant banking
** Convenience of banking anywhere and at anytime

** Ability to perform routine banking transactions from the comfort of home or office
** Control over finances through improved monitoring

Rates :
Sign up for RepublicOnline is free. However, relevant transaction charges will apply.

How it Works :
Registering for RepublicOnline is quick and easy!
** Log on to official website and click the Online Banking , or log on directly through Login link

** Select “Apply Online”
** Complete the registration form
** Print the form and sign

** Drop in to any of our conveniently located branches
** You will receive information that your Republic Online account has been activated

FAQs :
1. Who can sign up for RepublicOnline?
Any individual who has an existing account (deposit, loan, credit card) with Republic Bank Limited, in Guyana.

2. What do I need to access RepublicOnline?
A PC with a secure Internet connection, a User ID and Password. RepublicOnline is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome browsers.

You can also access RepublicOnline from your smartphone or tablet running Apple iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows and Android.

For best results, we recommend that :
** The computer is equipped with Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher or Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or higher.

** The browser must be Java enabled and support at least 128-bit SSL encryption
** For better response times, a high speed internet connection is recommended.

3. How can I register?
Log on to and click on the Republic Online logo, then go to the “Apply Online” link and follow the instructions. Be sure to read the Republic Internet Banking Terms of Usage Agreement.

4. Is RepublicOnline secure?
At Republic Bank, we are committed to providing you with a secure and protected environment and have implemented hardware and software that is equipped with the most advanced security features available to the industry.

5. Who can access my account information over the Internet?
You are the only one who can access your account information over the Internet as you are required to enter your Username and Password to access the system. The Password will consist of alphanumeric characters.

Not even Bank staff would have access to users’ Passwords. Under NO circumstances should you reveal your Password(s) to anyone or any organization including Republic Bank employees. If you believe your password has been compromised, you should change it immediately.

6. What do I need to know to select my Passwords?
When you register for RepublicOnline, you will be required to set a login Password and transaction Password. Your Passwords must be easy for you to remember, but difficult for someone to guess.

The Password :
** Should contain a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 28 characters

** Must not consist of all the characters as are in your Username. For example, if your Username is “Bob”, then your Password cannot be “Bobby”
** Must not have spaces

** Must not be the same as any of your previous twelve (12) Passwords. For transaction processing, there are actually two (2) Passwords required – Login and Transaction. These Passwords must be different.

7. Can I change my Password?
You can change your Password at any time after you log on to RepublicOnline.
** Passwords are required to be changed every ninety days (90).
** You can set up an alert (SMS or e-mail) to remind you to change your password.

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