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Organization : Israel Police
Facility : Check Stolen Vehicle Status
Country : Israel

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Israel Police Check Stolen Vehicle Status

The State of Israel shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user or to any third party as a result, direct or indirect, of the use of the service, including damage incurred as a result of relying on the information included in this service.

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The said information refers only to the matter of reporting to the police and it is in no way confirmation that the vehicle is or is not stolen.

If you have encountered a vehicle which has been reported to the police as being stolen, you are requested to contact the police at its 100 number. Please Enter your vehicle license plate number and Click on the “Check Vehicle” button to know the status of the Stolen vehicle.

Public Complaints Unit :
** The Public Complaints Unit handles complaints dealing with inappropriate conduct by a policeman or improper conduct of the policing duties, as well as inquiries on various matters related to the conduct of the police.

** The Public Complaints Unit within the district or the sub-district handles complaints lodged against policemen serving within the district’s units. There is such a unit in each one of the districts and in the sub-districts under it.

** The Public Complaints Unit under the National Headquarters handles complaints against policemen serving in the national units and against officers ranking from Chief Superintendent and higher.

The unit is the professional authority guiding the public complaints officers throughout the nationwide complaints apparatus. The Public Complaints Unit under the National Headquarters also functions as an appellate instance for the decisions of the investigating officers and the district public complaints officers.

** The decisions of the sub-district public complaints officer may be appealed to the district officer, and the decisions of the district public complaints officer may be appealed to the Public Complaints Unit under the National Headquarters.

** The Public Complaints Unit reports to the Deputy Police Inspector-General and, along with the National Comptroller Unit makes up the National Auditing and Public Complaints Unit.

About Us :
Policing and law enforcement in Israel are the sole responsibility of the Israel Police. As a national force, the Israel Police is responsible for all aspects of policing, including crime prevention and law enforcement.

The work of the Israel Police takes on a whole new dimension when operating in such a sensitive area as Israel. The main areas on which the Israel Police focuses are :
** Public Security
** The prevention and thwarting of terror
** Response to calls from citizens
** Arrangement of security procedures
** Organization of volunteers in the context of the Civil Guard

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