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Organization : : Israel Ministry of Transport & Road Safety
Service Name : Renewing Vehicle Licence
Country: Israel

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Renewing Vehicle Licence:

Your valid vehicle licence must be carried with you at all times when driving, as it confirms that the vehicle is registered and roadworthy.

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The vehicle licence is valid only if the license fee has been paid and the vehicle has passed the annual road worthiness test (colloquially known as the “Test”). Commencing 2003, the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety is issuing a new vehicle licence containing comprehensive data on the vehicle.

This detailed and reliable data is beneficial to the vehicle purchaser – who does not have to rely solely on the seller’s word – as it also provides information on the car model, such as transmission, air conditioning, ABS, airbags, number of doors. A barcode printed on the licence supplies the Vehicle Inspection Station with information on the vehicle at the annual “Test”. Vehicle licences are renewed annually. On receipt of your new vehicle licence and before your current licence expires, you must first pay the license renewal fee and then take the vehicle to an authorised Vehicle Inspection Station for a roadworthiness test (“Test”).

Where and when will I receive the new vehicle licence? :
The new licence will be sent to the address that appears under your name on the Interior Ministry register, approximately one month before the renewal date. If you did not receive the new licence, or the pre-paid licence is not received at your home address within two weeks of payment, please contact:
** The Ministry of Transport and Road Safety call centre (or from overseas 03-9421920)
** Your district Licence Bureau

Please Note:
Not receiving your new licence does NOT exempt you from the responsibility of renewing it!

How do I pay the vehicle licence fee? :
You may pay the vehicle licence fee by one of the following:
The online Government Payment Service – payment by credit card or bank transfer
** By credit card at the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety call centre’s touch-tone menu
** By credit card through a Ministry of Transport and Road Safety call centre representative
** At the Postal Bank
** At any bank branch (credit cards are also accepted)

Please note:
** the payment confirmation that appears on screen CANNOT be used as a temporary licence!
** do NOT pay online if you wish immediate renewal of your licence
** before carrying out actual payment, try out the payment simulator

The Roadworthiness Test (“Test”) :
In brief, the “Test” must be taken at one of the authorised Vehicle Inspection Stations after paying the licence fee and before the current licence expires. The “Test” also requires payment.

How often must a vehicle undergo the “Test”? :
The majority of vehicles in Israel are required to undergo the roadworthiness test once a year in the month the vehicle was initially registered, with the exception of the following:
** New cars (private passenger cars only): are exempt from the “Test” for the first year only but must pay the license fee. This exemption does not apply to cars used for driving instruction or hire cars
** Cars 15 years-old or over: before taking the annual “Test”, the braking system must be checked at a licensed garage and confirmation of the proper functioning of the braking system must be presented at the “Test”
** Vintage cars and collector cars: must be tested twice a year at a Vehicle Inspection Station as a condition of vehicle licence renewal. A licence will not be renewed in the case of a vintage car whose licence has expired and not been renewed for a period of two years or over

How do I transfer ownership? :
Transfer of ownership is a critical stage in the purchase of a used vehicle. Pay attention and carefully check the vehicle licence to make sure that every detail matches the vehicle you are buying, and that the seller is indeed the owner of the vehicle!

Transfer of vehicle ownership may be carried out at any Post Office branch that is connected to the Licence Bureau’s computer system. The current vehicle licence, as well as the identity cards of the buyer and seller, must be presented and a fee paid. If the vehicle licence is valid and there is no lien or attachment on the vehicle, change of ownership will be registered on the spot.

Transfer of ownership must be carried out at the Licence Bureau for the following:
** Disabled person entitled to the disabled fee
** An inherited vehicle
** A diplomatic or U.N. vehicle
** Bus – transfer of ownership is carried out through the Traffic Supervisor at the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety
** Touring vehicle
** Desert vehicle
** A minor
** A tourist
** Administrator of an estate
** As a result of a court ruling
** A vehicle without an annual “Test”

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