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Organization : Punjab Revenue Authority
Facility : e-Enrollment
Country : Pakistan

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During this enrollment process, You will be redirected to e-FBR Portal, where you will have to Login at e-FBR System by using your User-Id and Password, and transfer your registration particulars to Punjab Revenue Authority by giving your Consent and providing the PIN.

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Q: 1 What is rate of tax?
Ans: Standard rate of sales tax is 16% of the value of a service or services. However, telecommunication services are liable to sales tax @ 19.5%.

Q: 2 Is there any change in tax rate?
Ans: There is no change in tax rate as yet.

Q: 3 What is procedure for filing of return?
Ans: Sales tax return can be filed either electronically or manually. A complete procedure for filing of a return is prescribed under the Punjab Sales Tax on Services (Filing of Returns) Rules, 2012.

Q: 4 How to obtain STRN for PRA?
Ans: Sales tax registration number may be obtained from the Punjab Revenue Authority either through electronic request or manually. There is no fee or any charge on obtaining sales tax registration from PRA. A complete procedure for obtaining sales tax registration alongwith relevant forms is available in the Punjab Sales Tax on Services (Registration & Deregistration) Rules 2012.

In case you are already registered with the Federal Board of Revenue, you need not to obtain a separate or additional registration for PRA. The system will automatically prefix the letter ā€œPā€ with your previous registration number and include you in the registration data base (population of registered persons) of PRA. You will get intimation about such change, whereupon you will be entitled to refer such registration number in all your references, documents, returns, declarations and statements filed with or sent to PRA.

Q: 5 How many services are included in the Act?
Ans: So far Fifty nine services have been bought under tax net under the Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act, 2012. They include services relating to hotels, clubs, caterers, advertisements on T.V & radio including cable TV, customs agents, ship chandlers, stevedores, telecommunication services, insurance and re-insurance, banking companies, non-banking financial institutions, stock brokers, shipping agents and courier services. The Second Schedule of the said Act gives full description of taxable services and has been uploaded on PRA website.

About Us :
The provincial tax systems in Pakistan are more or less based upon a colonial legacy. The dawn of 21st century has seen a visible change in the governance patterns at national as well as at sub-national levels especially in the developing countries.

Pakistan too has very sincerely joined the race of government reforms on multi-institutional fronts. Reforms in tax regimes have been initiated as an important component of overall fisco-economic reforms.

In this regard, Pakistan has also suitably modified its fiscal federalism. Not only public service responsibilities of the Provincial governments have been expanded but also several prudent opportunities have been created for the Provinces to mobilize their own resources

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