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Taxpayer Online Verification Pakistan : Punjab Revenue Authority

Organization : Punjab Revenue Authority
Facility : Taxpayer Online Verification
Country : Pakistan

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Website :

Taxpayer Online Verification :

1. Select Search Parameter
2. Enter PNTN

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Terms & Conditions :
Welcome to Taxpayer Online Verification System
You may search the particular of a taxpayer by providing any of the following information :
** PNTN e.g 0003456-2

** CNIC e.g 1111145561111
** Passport No. as given on the passport
** Reg. Inc. No. as provide by SECP, if any

In case you want to make any changes in registration particulars, you may submit an application at nearest PRA Office Lahore or apply Online

Active Taxpayers List (ATL)
Search Utility :
1. Choose Key
2. Enter NTN
3. Enter Image Characters

Q: 1 How and where to make tax payment?
Ans: Sales tax shall be payable through filing of prescribed return in the designated branches of National Bank of Pakistan. The forms of sales tax return alongwith annexures and tax payment challan have been prescribed under the Punjab Sales Tax on Services (Filing of Returns) Rules, 2012.

** These forms can be downloaded from PRA’s website. Facilitation desks of Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (PRAL) are available in the designated bank branches to guide and assist the taxpayers for filing of their returns and making payment of their due tax amounts in the bank.

** The taxpayers may also file their returns and make tax payments through the notified e-intermediaries as per list available on PRA’s website.

Q: 2 Is separate return required to be filed for Provincial sales tax on services?
Ans: The Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act, 2012 and rules made thereunder provide for a separate provincial level tax system.

** A separate return is required to be filed in respect of the services which are liable to tax under the said law. Where any person is providing taxable services in different provinces, he is required to obtain separate registration from PRA and file separate returns with PRA in respect of the services provided by such person in the province of Punjab.

** The rules issued under the Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act, 2012 take care of and answer all questions about the place of supply of a taxable service with reference to the provincial territory of Punjab. In this regard, provisions of section 4 of the aforesaid Act may also be seen.

Q: 3 Whether input tax adjustments in cases of cross border services is allowed?
Ans: The input tax paid on the purchase of goods or acquisition of services used exclusively in rendering of taxable services shall be admissible in terms of the Punjab Sales Tax on Services (Adjustment of Tax) Rules, 2012 read with section 16 of the Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act, 2012. The said rules however, provide for certain conditions and restrictions on the admissibility of adjustment of input tax paid on certain goods or services.

About Us :
The provincial tax systems in Pakistan are more or less based upon a colonial legacy. The dawn of 21st century has seen a visible change in the governance patterns at national as well as at sub-national levels especially in the developing countries.

Pakistan too has very sincerely joined the race of government reforms on multi-institutional fronts. Reforms in tax regimes have been initiated as an important component of overall fisco-economic reforms.

In this regard, Pakistan has also suitably modified its fiscal federalism. Not only public service responsibilities of the Provincial governments have been expanded but also several prudent opportunities have been created for the Provinces to mobilize their own resources

Contact Us :
Punjab Revenue Authority
Mansion 5-B, Danepur Road,
GOR-1, Lahore, Pakistan

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