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Organization : Road Safety and Transport Authority
Facility : License Endorsement
Country : Bhutan

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License Endorsement :

Variation/endorsement of driving license :
The Authority may require an applicant for renewal or variation as applicable to :
** fill in an application form;

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** provide any additional information (including any evidence that the Authority may reasonably require as to those particulars);
** undergo any test which the Authority may require for license variation;

** provide one recent passport size photograph; and
** pay fee as per Schedule1.

Exemption from requirement for a Bhutan driving license :
The Authority may exempt a person from obtaining a driving license for a period of three months if the person :
(a) has a valid international driving license;
(b) holds a diplomatic passport and a valid driving license issued in another country;

(c) is a foreigner who resides in Bhutan for a period not exceeding three months and in possession of a valid driving license issued in the country of residence; and.

(d) is a member of the armed forces and holds a valid driving license issued by the respective Motor Transport Officers for driving military and police vehicles;

Notwithstanding the above :
i) Only professional Bhutan Armed Forces drivers will be eligible for a civilian driving license upon producing an endorsement letter from the Motor Transport Officer concerned, along with a Certificate of having attended a one day Introductory Course.

ii) Other Armed Force personnel holding a non-professional military driving license shall follow the procedures prescribed in Part 2, Section 60 other than having to produce a Learner License.

Requirement for endorsement of Foreign Driving License :
A foreigner staying in Bhutan for a period exceeding three months must :
(a) report to the nearest office of the Authority for endorsement of Driving License;

(b) produce valid visa or work permit; and
(c) pay an endorsement fee as prescribed under schedule 1.

Issuance of Bhutan Driving License to Foreigners :
A Foreigner applying for a Bhutan Driving License must :
(a) fulfill all the requirements for obtaining a fresh driving license.

(b) hold a valid driving license issued in his/her home country
(c) produce a valid Visa or a Work Permit and

Notwithstanding 77(b),if in the opinion of the Authority, any Foreign national is found to be incompetent to drive a vehicle in spite of the person holding a valid driving license issued from another country, the Authority may direct the person to attend a driving test conducted by the Authority.

Cancellation, suspension or variation of license by the Authority may be done if the person :
a) has not presented for any test required by the Authority;
b) is dangerous to drive a motor vehicle because of some illness or incapacity or because of the treatment of any of those things;

c) has at anytime been convicted of driving offence;
d) has been convicted by the Court of Law; and
e) holding a driving license is cancelled by the Authority for a reason as deemed appropriate and is in the best interest of the road users for safety concerns

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