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Organisation : PIFRA & Financial Accounting & Budgeting System(FABS)
Type of Facility : Check Bill Status
Country : Pakistan

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For More Help :
Email: unsubscribe AT
Call: (051) 9107248
Time : Mon – Fri | 8:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
Note : Please do NOT call before the 10th day of the month.
Contact Address :
FABS Directorate
Second Floor
AGPR G-8/4
Islamabad Pakistan

Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual :
Purpose of the Manual : The purpose of this Manual is to set out the detailed policies and procedures to be used in accounting for the Government of Pakistan’s financial transactions. Under Article 170 of the Constitution, the Auditor General can prescribe detailed policies and procedures in respect of the following :
** all transactions of centralised accounting entities
** specific transactions of self accounting entities which operate within overall control of the Auditor General e.g. staff related payments

** transactions adjustments of self accounting entities with the centralised accounting entities or in between themselves
** reporting requirements of the self accounting entities. This Manual contains the detail to accompany the overall framework set out in the Manual of Accounting Principles (MAP).

Structure of the Manual The Manual is structured according to the major financial management activities of the Government. The organisation of the chapters and sections within the Manual is shown in the Table of Contents. The first two chapters provide an introduction and an overview to the accounting system. The following three chapters cover the core processes of budgetary control, expenditures and receipts. Chapters 6 and 7 cover the supporting processes of bank reconciliation and financial reporting. Subsequent chapters address the policies and procedures for supplementary processes and for other financial management activities of the Government.

About us :
The office of the Director General MIS/FABS, working under the Controller General of Accounts(CGA), is responsible for smooth functioning of the SAP-based Financial Accounting & Budgeting System(FABS), which is an Integrated Financial Management Information System(IFMIS) being run at government offices at federal, provincial and district level.

FABS was initiated and established under Government of Pakistan and World Bank-funded Project to Improve Financial Reporting & Auditing(PIFRA). PIFRA was implemented at federal, provincial and district levels of the government in three phases between 1996-2014. After closure of PIFRA on 31.12.2014, its FABS component was mainstreamed into the o/o DG MIS/FABS on 01.01.2015.

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