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Organization : Fiji Medical & Dental Council
Type of Facility : Medical & Dental Practitioners Registration
Country: Fiji

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Medical & Dental Practitioners Registration :

Notably, dental practitioners now include dentists, dental therapists, dental hygienists and dental technicians.

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Medical practitioners include all medical doctors with minimum MBBS or equivalent qualifications.

Please initially pay for the application fee when you submit the registration form. Once Council approves your application, please pay the Annual Registration fee. Finally, you will be issued your Annual Practising Certificate.

You can apply for various types of registration or licence.

Internship :
if you have completed your study but do not have 12months of supervised work experience.

Conditional :
if you have not provided medical or dental treatment of the kind authorised by your registration for a period of 3 years or more.

Temporary :
if you normally reside outside Fiji and intend to practice in Fiji for less than 3 months duration.

General :
if you intend to Practice in Fiji post internship or conditional licence.

Vocational :
if you are on the General Register and want to be registered as a specialist after completing post graduate qualification, possess relevant clinical experience and achieved an appropriate level of professional competence and expertise.

Another requirement now is for practitioners have to participate in approved programme of continuing professional development relevant to the person’s vocational category and should have indemnity insurance or an undertaking to obtain this as soon as possible.

Temporary Registration:
For temporary registration;
** Visit our website and check the forms and fees section to download form & email completed forms;
** Fee is $100 per applicant (or if students $10); please bank it in our Bankers – ANZ, Suva. Bank Acc Number: 10737532 SWIFT CODE: ANZBFJFX
** In the first instance, we will need scanned copies of certificates emailed with application ASAP & on arrival certified copies are to be furnished to the Secretariat;
** We will need letter of support from local medical doctor & from sponsoring body;
** Letter of good standing or current practice certificate from applicants country of practice.
** Details of indemnity coverage whilst in Fiji.
** If you are a student, letter of support from your Medical School/University.
** Detailed information of your planned visit. Inter alia, details of actual dates, venues & scope of practice.
** Submit a detailed report after the visit.

Who We Are?
** By virtue of the MEDICAL AND DENTAL PRACTITIONER DECREE 2010 the Medical & Dental Councils preserves its status.

** Each Council consists of 9 members. 3 members from each Council make up the Board of Management that governs the administration of the Secretariat.
** Each Council has a Professional Standards & Professional Conducts committee that assists the Council in execution of its function.

What We Do?
** The Council is charged to protect the health and safety of the public in relation to the practice of medicine and dentistry.
** The Councils possess the authority to register or deregister and licence Medical & Dental Practitioners in Fiji.

** The council also has the powers to regulate the provision of medical and dental treatment to ensure that high standards are maintained. It proactively ensures that the practitioners perform competently and conduct themselves with integrity and fairness.

Contact Address :
1 Brown Street

MAIL Address :
P.O Box 18914
Office Hours :
** Mon-Thurs 8am-4.30pm Friday: 8am-4pm

Contact Details :
Tel : +679 330 3647 or +679 7731502
Fax : +679 330 4201
Email : info AT

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