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Organization : Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
Type of Facility : Trademark Search Request
Country: Switzerland

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Trademark Search Request :

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Similarity Search :
Information on trademarks that your mark could infringe on

The Swiss trademark registration procedure requires that a mark be examined for compliance with legal requirements but not whether it infringes an already existing registered mark.

Infringement of rights can result in high costs (opposition proceedings, potential damages, and expensive civil court fees). Since a civil court case can be opened long after a trademark has been registered by a third party, additional expenses for advertising and other investment for your trademark can be lost as well.

Before you apply for registration we recommend a similarity search to clarify whether similar, confusing or even identical marks have been registered or are pending. This applies equally to word, device or combined marks.

Identity Search :
Information on registered trademarks or trademark applications

Do you want to know who the owner of a particular trademark is, or when and for which products and services it was registered?

An identity search gives you all the relevant information about a registered trademark or trademark application quickly and economically.

An identity search does not inform you of any dangers of confusion with other trademarks. A trademark is also not examined for whether it infringes on an earlier registered trademark during the trademark registration process. That is why we recommend the importance of having a Similarity Search done.

Sequence Search:
A list of all trademarks that contain a particular sequence of letters

A sequence search can be a valuable source of information when creating a new trademark. It gives you a list of all registered marks which have a particular sequence of letters.

Owner Rights Search :
Information on trademarks from a particular owner

Trademark Monitoring :
Regular information on trademarks which could be confused with your own sign and therefore could infringe on your trademark rights

Owner Monitoring :
Regular information on trademarks from a particular owner – for example, a competitor

Searches in Foreign Countries :
Trademark searches and other searches for almost all countries of the world

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