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Organization : Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited
Type of Facility : View Consumer Bill Online
Country: Pakistan

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View Consumer Bill Online :

Domestic/Commercial Consumers:
Domestic & Commercial Consumers can View their bill in a Single step by giving their Consumer No.

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Industrial Consumers:
In order to view current bill and/or billing history, industrial consumers must register with us. If you are already registered, you may simply login

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Bill Types:
** Normal Bill
** Estimated (Provisional) Bill
** Minimum Bill
** Sticky / Stopped Meter Bill

Normal Bill:
Bill is issued as per actual meter reading recorded by the meter installed and calculated as per rates notified by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for all categories of consumers. In general, pressure factor is applied for the calculation of corrected volume of gas consumed for commercial consumers, while pressure, temperature and super compressibility factors are applied to work out corrected volume of gas consumed by Industrial / Bulk supply consumers.

Estimated (Provisional) Bill:
When actual meter reading could not be recorded due to certain factors, an Estimated (Provisional) bill is issued to the consumer. Some of the factors are as follow:
** Index glass dirty/Misty.
** Water inside meter.
** Meter covered with dust.
** Meter covered with bushes.
** Meter under rain water.
** Meter installed above normal height.
** Meter position not approachable.
** Meter locked inside the premises.
** Premises not found.

Estimated (Provisional) bill is based on the consumption of corresponding period of preceding year, or immediate preceding bill or trend of same category of the locality respectively.

Estimated (Provisional) bill is adjusted in next normal bill when actual meter reading is available.

Minimum Bill:
Minimum bill is issued when consumption is nil/zero or below the prescribed consumption limit as per rates notified by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for all categories of consumers. Minimum charges of some categories, as notified by OGRA, are as follows. These charges are exclusive of meter rent and General Sales Tax (GST).

Sticky / Stopped Meter Bill:
Sticky / Stopped Meter Bill is issued if meter is sticky / stop (out of order) and is unable to record the gas passing through it. The bill is based on seasonal average consumption (summer / winter season) in case of domestic category whereas in case of Industrial and Commercial category, it is based on previous two month’s or following two month’s average consumption whichever is higher as per Gas Sales Agreement

Payment Locations:
** Commercial Banks
** ATM’s (MNet Network & 1-Link Network)
** Post Offices
** NADRA Kiosks / E.Sahulat Centres)
** Online Payments
** Credit Cards
** Advance Payment Plan

Commercial Banks:
** Albaraka Islamic Bank
** Allied Bank Limited
** Arif Habib Rupali Bank
** Askari Bank Limited
** Atlas Bank Limited
** Bank Alfalah Limited
** Bank Alhabib Limited
** Bank Islami Pakistan
** Bank of Khyber
** Barclays Bank
** Citi Bank N.A.
** Deutsche Bank
** Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited
** Emirates Global Islamic Bank
** Faysal Bank Limited
** First Women Bank Limited
** Habib Bank Limited
** Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd
** HSBC Bank Middle East Limited
** JS Bank Limited
** KASB Bank Limited
** MCB Bank Limited
** Meezan Bank Limited
** MyBank Limited
** National Bank of Pakistan
** NIB Bank Limited
** Oman International Bank
** Punjab Provincial Coop Bank
** Saudipak Commercial Bank
** Samba Bank Limited (Crescent Commercial Bank)
** SME Bank Limited
** Soneri Bank Limited
** Standard Chartered Bank
** The Bank of Punjab
** The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
** United Bank Limited

Online Payments:
** Bank Alfalah Credit Cards
** Allied Bank Limited
** NIB Bank Limited
** MCB Bank Limited
** United Bank Limited
** KASB Bank Limited

Contact Us:
Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited
Gas House, 21 Kashmir Road,
P.O.Box No. 56, Lahore 54000,

Tel : +92 42 99082000, 99082006, 99080000
Fax : +92 42 99201369, 99201302
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