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Organization : Land Transport Authority of Fiji
Type of Facility : Getting Learner’s Permit
Country: Fiji

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LTA Fiji Getting your Learner’s Permit

This is the first step to be undertaken by anyone wanting to obtain a driver licence.
You cannot begin to learn how to drive unless you have been issued a learner’s permit by the LTA.

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In order to get a Learner’s Permit you must do the following:
** Buy a Road Code Book from any LTA office and study it. It costs $10.00.
** When you feel you know the road code you can now apply for a learner’s permit test, pay $10 and produce an original birth certificate, or passport and two passport size photographs.

** You will be guided to a DKTS Set-Up which is equivalent to the ONLINE PRATICE TEST Set-Up, for your Learners Permit Examination.
** If you pass, that is you have answered 26 of the thirty questions correctly, you will then have to take the test score sheet with your application form, and pay $7 for the issue of your Learner’s Permit.

** You will then be issued a Learner’s Permit. You must be 16 and a-half years old to be eligible to apply for a learner’s permit. You can only apply for a road test when you are 17 years old.

** Your learner’s permit is valid for one year and enables you to be road tested twice. If you have not been road tested in that one year you can apply in writing to the Authority for an extension of your learner’s permit. You will have to pay $7 for the reissue of a new permit.

Using your L plates

Every person/learner who has acquired a Learner’s Permit is required to show a “L” plate infront and at the back of the vehicle that the learner is using to practice his/her driving.

Displaying the “L” plates will ensure other vehicles on the road are aware that the vehicle is being used for learning and courtesy will be shown.

Getting your “P”

Once a learner has successfully passed his/her driving test, a Provisional License will be issued to the learner. The Provisional License is valid for two (2) years.

During the Provisional License term, the driver is required to display a “P” sticker infront and at the back of his/her vehicle.

Get your Full License

After a driver has completed his/her two (2) year provisional term, the driver will be required to attend a Defensive Driving Course in order to obtain a full driving license.

Classes Of Driver’s License:
Class of Driver’s License – Class of Motor vehicle which may be driven
Class 1 – Motor cycles of any unladen mass
Class 2 – Private motor vehicles constructed to carry up to 10 passengers, rental vehicles and goods vehicles having an unladen mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes

Class 3 – Taxis and hire vehicles and motor vehicles in class 2
Class 4 – Carriers, minibuses and vehicles in classes 2 and 3
Class 5 – Omnibuses and vehicles in classes 2, 3, 4 and 6
Class 6 – Goods vehicles having unladen mass in excess of 3.5 tonnes and not less than 9m in length and vehicles in class 2

Class 7 – Articulated or combination vehicles of not less than 10 tonnes unladen mass and not less than 13m in length and vehicles in classes 2 and 6
Class 8 – A motor tractor not exceeding 3.5 tonnes unladen mass and a motor vehicle modified for use by disabled persons
Class 9 – A motor tractor over 3.5 tonnes unladen mass, fork lift, crane, construction machinery, bulldozers, loaders and other specialized vehicles and machinery

Minimum Age For Driver’s License

Class – Minimum Age:
Class 1 – 17 years
Class 2 – 17 years
Class 3 – 21 years
Class 4 – 21 years
Class 5 – 21 years
Class 6 – 21 years
Class 7 – 21 years
Class 8 – 17 years
Class 9 – 21 years

Contact us:
The Land Transport Authority has 14 branches around Fiji.
Its Headquarters is located at Lot 1,
Daniva Road, Valelevu, Nasinu.

Phone: 339 2166
Fax: 339 8925

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